Archive: 2008

Dec 31   The Two Bridges Over Winchester Boulevard in Queens

Dec 29   Timing the 1904 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Dec 27   The Complete 44-Mile LIMP Tour: Maps, Images and Videos

Dec 26   When Gasoline was 14 Cents a Gallon

Dec 25   Enjoy!

Dec 24   Alco Black Beast Racer Makes the News!

Dec 24   The Treasure Hunt Continues

Dec 23   Hit One Over the Motor Parkway Bridge in Fresh Meadows!

Dec 21   The Restored Alco-6 Racer Returning to Long Island!

Dec 19   A Nassau County Tour of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Dec 17   A Queens Tour of the Long Island Motor Parkway

Dec 16   Sampling of Recent Blog Comments

Dec 15 Exclusive: New Queens LIMP Signage

Dec 15   Video:“The Long Island Motor Parkway” with Robert Miller

Dec 14   The LIMP Bridge over Stewart Avenue in Bethpage

Dec 13   Film: Chaplin, Normand, Sennett and the 1914 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Dec 12   Was This Building The Prototype for the LIMP Toll Lodges?

Dec 09   The Mineola Lodge and the Long Island Motor Parkway

Dec 09   The Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge over Willis Avenue in Willison Park

Dec 06   Looking for the Restored 1909 Alco-6 Racer

Dec 04   A Rare Photo of the North Hempstead Turnpike LIMP Bridge

Dec 03   Update on the Latest Mystery Photo!

Nov 29   Images from the November Presentations

Nov 28   Farmingdale-Bethpage Historical Society Presentation, November 16, 2008

Nov 28   Long Island Motor Touring Club Presentation, November 13, 2008

Nov 28   Suffolk County Historical Society Presentation: Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nov 14   This Sunday’s Presentation Selected as a Best Bet by Newsday

Nov 12   Update on the Latest Mystery Photo!

Nov 05   Radio Interview with Howard Kroplick on “The Long Island Motor Parkway”

Nov 04   Tuesday, November 4, 2008: Election Day is Here!

Nov 01   City Takes Action To Protect LIMP Greenway

Oct 31   Large Crowd Attends Book-Signing for “The Long Island Motor Parkway”

Oct 27   Howard K. Talks!

Oct 25   Willie K. Talks!

Oct 23   Highlights of the Vanderbilt Cup Race Centennial Celebrations

Oct 20   Newsday Publishes Special Pullout on the Long Island Motor Parkway: October 20, 2008

Oct 20   Howard Kroplick Interview: The Vanderbilt Cup Races and the Long Island Motor Parkway

Oct 20   “Over the Seven Seas”: A Film Starring William K. Vanderbilt II

Oct 17   Busy Weekend for 2008 Centennial Celebrations

Oct 16   Question of the Day: What do Barack Obama and John McCain have in common with the 1904 drivers?

Oct 14 Continues to Reach Record # of Viewers- October 14, 2008

Oct 13   Arcadia Publishing Issues a Press Release on “The Long Island Motor Parkway”

Oct 12 Sets Viewership Record on Saturday

Oct 11   New York Times Article “First Auto Parkway: From Road to Ruin”, October 12, 2008

Oct 08   The 20 Toll Collection Structures of the Long Island Motor Parkway-Updated 3/17/2018

Oct 03   Roslyn News “More History on Long Island Roadways”: October 2, 2008

Sep 20   Long Island Motor Parkway Suffolk County Mystery Photo

Sep 18   Long Island Motor Parkway Featured in August Model A News

Sep 16   Gymkhana Results from Roosevelt Field: September 14, 2008

Sep 15   Roosevelt Field Gymkhana and Concours Enjoyed By All

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