Apr 24 2013

1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes Racer #53 Abbott Detroit Found In Sweden

Derek W. (Ottawa, Ontario): "I came across your wonderful site while looking for photos of my father- in- law's 1910 Abbott Detroit that was driven by Mortimer Roberts in the 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes. The car is currently in Sweden. Do you have any photos of the car?Thanks for your help and for creating such a wonderful website that preserves this history in such an accessible and entertaining way."

Derek, here are photos related to your father-in-law's beautiful racer.


Howard Kroplick

The 1910 Abbott Detroit team was headquarters at Porrier's Hotel in Garden City.

Three Abbott Detroits were entered in the 1910 Massapequa Sweepstakes.

The racer was driven by Mortimer Roberts, the brother of Montague Roberts.

In front of the press box/official's stand on the Long Island Motor Parkway. Note the "pits" in front of the grandstand.

The racer finished second of the 6 entries.

As seen today in Sweden.


Apr 25 2013 Ted 1:04 AM

You did it again Howard,keeping me busy on here for hours at a time,can’t get away from it,keeping you busy too reading my comments.Looks good for the weekend weather is going to be nice,looking foward to it, Gotta go know,something on TV I want to watch.

Apr 25 2013 Howard Kroplick 1:37 PM

From Racer Roy

I wanted to thank you for preserving the memory of the Vanderbilt Cup Races. I have been a race fan since 1945 and loved every minute of it. I marvel at your knowledge, perseverance, and sophistication in covering the participants, routes, and significant events of that era. Well done! I congratulate you, Howard!

All the best from Racer Roy

Apr 26 2013 Ted 2:28 PM

I’m sure you heard or read the news that the Levittown Project was approved, See you tomorrow,it’s going to be a great day. I hope the Black Beast is ready to roar.

Apr 28 2013 Randy Reed 3:55 PM

Very interesting to see another car that Mort Roberts drove in addition to the Tahis Special at Elgin in 1914.

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