Feb 20 2013

The 1946 VMCCA Jubilee Anniversary at the Mineola Fair Grounds

In June 1946, the Veteran Motor Car Club of America sponsored its 50th Anniversary Jubilee featuring a parade of 75 vintage cars and nine races at the Mineola Fair Grounds on Long Island.

Courtesy of Walter McCarthy and the Long Island Old Car Club, highlights of the Jubilee were captured in a 4-minute film posted on VanderbiltCupRaces.com in 2009. Walter McCarthy has forwarded this 1946 Bulb Horn article on the 1946 Jubilee.

Below is the article, images from the event and a repost of the film.


Howard Kroplick


Feb 21 2013 Ted 12:38 AM

Thanks again for another great film. Boy there were a lot of old cars in that one,I’ll have to watch it again and take a better look at them. If I only knew about this back then,I would know more about the Vanderbilt Cup now,back then I was only 5yrs old and we had a 1946 Plymouth 4door delux,which I learned to drive and my parents gave it to me and I drove it to the ground,that goes to show how long the car lasted,about 20yrs I’d say,probably would have lasted longer if I didn’t get a hold of it

Feb 21 2013 Kenneth J. Harris 9:46 AM

That was a pleasure to watch.  Thanks for posting it.

Ken Harris

Feb 21 2013 brian d mccarthy 5:50 PM

As well as enjoying the film, I liked reading the article. It was written with flair.

Feb 21 2013 Ted 10:54 PM

Watched that film again and if I’m not mistaken I saw some from the late 1800s or early 1900s,like 01-03,am I right or wrong on that one?,don’t know what kind they are,just by looking at them and remembering seeing them one time or another elswhere.

Feb 24 2013 Steve Green 1:53 PM

As always, I really enjoyed the film and the automotive history.  It’s fascinating to realize that I was only 2 years old when all this took place, living nearby in Manhattan.  Great fun to see the Old 16, and realize that it’s still running, and still an active part of automotive history. . . . . . . . .

Feb 26 2013 Lou 4:49 PM

Priceless automtive history jumping off the screen. Thanks Howard !

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