May 02 2018

1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part II: Luxurious Features of the Tucker ‘48

A 45-page sales tool used by the Tucker Corporation to sell franchises to dealerships in 1947 has recently been discovered. Part II of this rare piece of Tucker history highlights eight pages of  its "exclusive features".


Howard Kroplick

The Tucker '48 was positioned as a medium priced automobile.

The benefits of the rear engine:

Practically eliminates fumes, heat and noise in the passenger compartment.

Hydraulic Torque Converters

Disc brakes never made it to the 50 pre-production Tuckers.

Another beneift of the rear engine.

The 12 safety features of Tucker '48.

The motorist will never again feel completely safe in any other car!

The Tucker '48 Specifications.


May 06 2018 Donald 7:24 AM

I enjoy reading of the Tucker’s progress and informative articles and brochures. Thank you for sharing your experience each week. You make it as if I were part of the process. Tucker has always struck me as a vehicle that would have revolutionized the car industry and put it self 40 to 50 years ahead of the competition. Again keep up the good work and God Bless.


May 06 2018 S. Berliner, III 7:13 PM

Great find, Howard.  “Oversized”?  Bet it had about the same interior dimensions as the Hudson.  Sam, III

May 07 2018 Roger A Price 6:54 PM

Howard,  wow, what a find!  Thanks for sharing it with your friends.

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