May 23 2018

1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part III: The Plant, Indy Track Testing and the Executive Team

A rare 45-page sales tool used by the Tucker Corporation to sell franchises to dealerships in 1947 has been recently discovered. Part III of this four-part series provides the manufacturing, testing and staff rationale for "building a completely new car like the Tucker '48."
Only two of these 11" x 18" portfolios are known to still exist. According to Larry Clark, the other Tucker Franchise Plan portfolio is in the Federal Archives in Chicago and was used in the 1950 trial of the Tucker Corporation.

Howard Kroplick

The Chicago Plant

The Indy 500 Tesing

The Tucker Executive Team

Henry Ames Brown, Executive Vice president

Fred Rockelman, Vice President, Charge of Sales

Ben Parsons, Vice President and Chief Engineer

K.E. Lyman, Technical Assistant to Preston Tucker

Lee S. Treese, Vice President, Charge of Manufacturing

Herbert Morley, Director of Materials


May 27 2018 Rich 12:41 PM the comparison to all the MLB stadiums combined!

May 27 2018 S. Berliner, III 2:14 PM

Would you believe?  I have in my hand my original 1947 Chrysler Corporation book about that very B-29 engine plant, Dodge-Chicago, “Great Engines and Great Planes”, by Wesley Stout.  [I also still have the three companion volumes, about Chrysler-built tanks, Chrysler’s war contracting, and Chrysler’s work on the atomic bomb.]  Dodge-Chicago, the world’s largest plant when built in 1942, turned out 18,413 2,200HP 18-cylinder Wright Cyclone engines for the B-29 before Tucker got ahold of the property.  All Tucker’s hoo-hah about the plant was actually a tribute to Chrysler.  Sam, III

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