Jun 02 2018

1947 Tucker Franchise Plan Sales Tool Part IV: What You Get When You Buy a Tucker Franchise

A rare 45-page sales tool used by the Tucker Corporation to sell franchises to dealerships in 1947 has been recently discovered. The final section of this four-part series provides the financial rationale for purchasing a Tucker dealership.
 Only two of these 11" x 18" portfolios are known to still exist. According to Larry Clark, the other Tucker Franchise Plan portfolio is in the Federal Archives in Chicago and was used in the 1950 trial of the Tucker Corporation.

 Howard Kroplick

Franchise rights were provided for two years from the date of the first delivery.

Dealers received a 25% discount on the Tuckers.

In 1947, the retail list price for the Tucker '48 was $1,800.

Based on the 25% discount, the dealer would receive a gross profit of $450 per automobiles.

If the dealer sold 200 Tuckers over the two years, the total gross profit would be $90,000.

A typical dealer franchise price was $4,000 ($20 per Tucker). In exchange,  the dealer would receive 200 Tuckers over two years.

To make a gross profit of $900,000 over two years, a dealer needed to sell 2,000 Tuckers, 2.7 per day.

Major servicing profits from the unique engine and wheel suspension.

"...greater profits in service work".

"...an opportunity to sell a car far ahead of other makes in appearance, performance and value."

The big question:When

"Production is planned to start in the Fall and not later than the end of 1947."

"Are you ready to open the door to a prosperous future?"


Jun 03 2018 Roger A Price 11:02 AM

That’s incredible that you’ve been able to acquire such a priceless Tucker item.
Mazel tov!!!

Jun 03 2018 S. Berliner, III 1:19 PM

Oh, sibling; what hype (and what a find)!  Sam, III

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