Jun 07 2016

1950 Aerials of the Meadow Brook Lodge and the Mineola Lodge

Here are two rare aerials of the Mineola Lodge and the Meadow Brook Lodge as seen in 1950.


Howard Kroplick

Mineola Lodge-1950

The Jericho Turnpike can be seen across the diagonal of the aerial with the Motor Parkway bridge (going under Jericho Turnpike) very much intact.

By 1950 the Mineola Lodge was a private residence. Although modified throughout the years, the residence remains standing today.

Meadow Brook Lodge- 1950

Remnants of the Motor Parkway can be seen going west/east accross Merrick Avenue. The Merrick Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge was taken down around 1940.

The distinctive key-hole entrance to the Meadow Brook Lodge was easily visible in 1950 with the building still standing.


Jun 16 2016 frank femenias 7:20 PM

Neat photos. The Meadowbrook Lodge entrance ramp appears to still have the expanded entryway at the bottom, and Merrick Ave’s expansion appears to have been eastward into Eisenhower park. And at the Mineola Lodge,  there appears to be a white overhead highway sign for an upcoming exit? Or a full width barricade to prevent entry into the underpass? Great rare images!
From Howard Kroplick

Good eye! I believe it was a concrete barricade keeping automobiles from using the abandoned Motor Parkway.

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