Nov 14 2017

A New Motor Parkway Historic Marker Installed at the Wheatley Hills Golf Club in East Williston

In celebration of the Motor Parkway, the Wheatley Hills Golf Club has installed a new historic marker near its fourth tee.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Carr, member of the Wheatley Hills Golf Club.


Howard Kroplick

1923 Belcher Hyde map

The Wheatley Hills Golf Club course published in The Evening Telegram, March 20, 1932.Note: The location of the "golfway" bridge and the crosswalk at the 18th hole.

1928 aerial

Aerial circa 1940s

The Motor Parkway can be seen behind the green.

The "golfway" bridge. Courtesy of Bob Valentine.

Current view of the remnants of the Motor Parkway on the course. Note: The original three-foot concrete extensions on both sides of the road now a cart path.


Nov 16 2017 Brian D McCarthy 10:47 PM

The last image displaying pretty much the entire roadway looks to be an east view. Wouldn’t mind seeing how far west the club exposed the roadway. I do remember the cart path heading southerly from this point, gradually diverting away from the LIMP.

I imagine the club must have photos,etc. of their property from the past?

Howard Kroplick
Brian, unfortunately the club does not have many vintage photos of the course.

Nov 19 2017 Artie Finnegan 2:41 PM

Howard: Great job getting the marker for the golf course.  Also nice photo by Bob Valentine.  Good job.  Artie.

Artie, It was all the effort of the Wheatley Hills Golf Club. I just assisted with the copy.

Nov 20 2017 Al Velocci 12:02 PM

Howard,  The “golfway” bridge” was originally built as a farmway bridge. In 1908 the Parkway acquired 50 plus acres in the vicinity from Titus. The tract purchased extended eastward from the Parkway to Glen Cove Rd. The sale contained two conditions. Titus also owned the property west of the Parkway r.o.w. In order for Titus to continue to have access to Glen Cove Rd. the Parkway were obligated to build a bridge over the r.o.w.  The second condition was that Titus retained the right to a 33 feet wide strip of land from the bridge to Glen Cove Rd.  When the golf course was built the bridge then became a golfway bridge. The covenent regarding the 33 feet wide strip became a moot point when the golf club acquired both properties. Al.

Howard Kroplick

Thanks Al. I agree.

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