Dec 10 2019

Alexander Buchan’s Kinetic Sculpture: The Checkered Flag

The bronze sculpture "The Checkered  Flag" is one of the most impressive representations of the 1908 Vanderbilt up Race. This artwork was created by Alexander Buchan, who was featured in the November/December 2019 issue of AutoMobilia.


Howard Kroplick

The Checkered Flag

"The Checkered Flag" is a painted bronze sculpture that preserves an important part of automotive history, the first victory by an American automobile in international competition. The work was created through the lost-wax casting process to provide accuracy and detail. Old Number 16 was the 1906 Locomobile raced by driver George Robertson and “riding mechanician” Glen Etheridge in the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Robertson watches a tire and braces for impact as the car flies over a bridge at 100 mph. Etheridge grips a hand pump to keep the engine fueled. Neither wears a seat belt. Robertson used the silk scarf atop his helmet to clean his goggles. The course changes from a wood to a dirt surface, a reminder that the Long Island route is still named Jamaica-Hempstead Plank Road. Emerging from an underpass is the Italian-built Isotta-Fraschini that finished second. The race demonstrated American technology could compete successfully with the best in the world. 


Art form: 3-D

Depth: 9 inches

Medium: Bronze

Width: 12 inches

Year created: 2014

Height: 14 inches

The Kinetic Sculpture of Alexander Buchan- An Interview by Jeff Zurschmeide November/December 2019 AutoMobilia


Dec 11 2019 Brian D McCarthy 10:24 PM

My hat’s off to this man, he’s amazing!

Dec 14 2019 Al Prete 9:05 AM

What beautiful work!

Dec 15 2019 Phil Kneer 9:27 AM

Being a sculptor myself, I’m very impressed with his detail and accuracy.

Dec 17 2019 Ernie Finamore 9:00 PM

Howard knows that I’m a model/slot car guy. I enjoy admiring models done in a different media. Excellent work, nicely done! Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

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