Oct 30 2012

Black Beast Garage Withstands the Fury of Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy blasted the Northeast, Long Island and the Black Beast Garage at "Waterfront at Roslyn" that borders on a Hempstead Harbor canal.

Although the storm breeched the building's bulkhead, the water stopped seven feet from the garage!

Stay safe,

Howard Kroplick

The Long Island Region of the Classic Car Club of America visited the Waterfront at Roslyn back in May 2012.

The 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler in the Hemsptead Harbor canal leading to Roslyn.

My three favorite vintage cars.

9: 50 am, Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After the storm, the Waterfront at Roslyn was still very much standing with electricity!

The water from the harbor surged over the bulkhead last night.

As seen by the debris line, the water came within seven feet of the garage. We got lucky!!


Nov 04 2012 Steve McKelvie 1:17 AM

I am glad to see that the cars have escaped damage.  I wish everyone well during the recovery from this terrible storm.

Steve McKelvie
Franklin, MA

Nov 04 2012 jeffry schwartz 9:25 AM

so glad that all is well at the garage..a once in a lifetime storm with heart breaking results

Nov 04 2012 Lou 10:22 AM

Hi Howard,

I’m glad you made it through the storm without any damage !!  The photo says it all. Man , that was close .....

                                Regards, Lou

Nov 05 2012 Ken 9:35 AM

Whew! A little close for comfort, but good to know what conditions are tolerable and when you need another plan. Ken

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