Oct 30 2019

Bringatrailor.com: Kobus Talks Torpedos with the Tuckers at Manhasset Concours

Photographer Kobus Reyneke has posted a Bringatrailer.com article on the 2019 Americana Manhasset Concours d'Elegance with a special focus on the Tucker'48 and photos of Chrysler's Chrysler.


Howard Kroplick

Event Coverage: Kobus Talks Torpedos with the Tuckers at Manhasset Concours


Kobus’ latest round of event coverage chronicles all the wonderful machinery of the Manhasset Concours, with special focus on a Tucker 48 “Torpedo”, the great-grandchildren of its creator, and the ongoing project to resurrect his fascinating 1955 sports coupe concept, the Tucker Carioca. As always, Kobus demonstrates a real connoisseur’s eye for great sheet metal, so be sure to also check out his full 200+ photo, predominately non-Tucker image gallery below.


For us Northeasterners, fall colors and the Manhasset Concours signal the end of car show season. Americana Manhasset Center on Long Island played host to hundreds of classic and exotics for the event, ranging from Prewar Bentleys to modern limited-run hypercars–even the upscale shopping center’s parking lots were filled with amazing machinery. It was my first time attending, and with my buddy Jeff Einhorn serving as chief judge, I just had to enter the 356 too–thanks to our deep-pocketed sponsors for free entry, not to mention the gourmet food and open bar that came with.

Against all odds our little A cabrio won Best 356 Porsche, but the highlight of the event for me was meeting the extremely likable, always-smiling twin Tucker boys Sean and Michael. Their great-grandfather Preston Tucker’s beautiful 48 Torpedo, now owned by Howard Kroplick, was restored to perfection by Ida Automotive with help from the Tuckers and clinched the day’s Trendsetter Award.

Although the Tucker family doesn’t own any of the 50 cars built by their great-grandfather, the long-running dream to revive the brand is alive and well within them

Sean, the engineer, and Mike, the businessman, have partnered with Rob Ida and Ida Automotive to build the Carioca–a car conceived by Preston Tucker in 1955.

The original Tucker Carioca on the cover of Car Life, December 1955. Image courtesy Alden Jewell.

Promised to be rear-engined like the 48 and similarly innovative in many other regards, the Ida and Tucker boys’ creation will be a one-off, will stay very true to the original design, and will no doubt be a refreshing break from cookie-cutter customs with less tangible, historic connections to the past.

A Carioca article written in 1955 by Preston himself. It provides lots of background on the car, and the remaining pages are viewable in the gallery below.

If you’re not up to speed with the project check out this article documenting Preston’s development of the concept.

If you are familiar with the Carioca’s resurrection plan, rest assured that the Tucker boys are driven, enthusiastic and determined to see the endeavor through to the end. Carioca renders were forwarded to me by Paul Cameron–they’re absolutely unique and in my mind very cool as well. What do you think?

Kobus (Instagram feed here)

Images: Car Life, Ida Automotive, Kobus, Tucker Family,

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Nov 03 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:40 PM

Damn, damn and double-damn!  This feature just reinforces my very clear recollection of the three-bar grilles in the ‘37 Chrysler’s rear quarter panels as pre-vanity-mirror hidden, private peek-throughs for Della.  Don’t bother me with facts, Walt - I was all over that car when it first turned up at the Museum and I knows what I knows!  :ยท)  Sam, III

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