Dec 11 2012

Can You Identify this Motor Parkway Location?

This 1930s aerial shows a plane flying over the Long Island Motor Parkway. Can you identify the area?

Two hints are provided below. The Answer will be posted on Tuesday.


Howard Kroplick

Two Hints


Dec 13 2012 Ted Reina 5:20 PM

Ha Howard     I most be the first to reply to the question of ,“Can you identify the area of Motor Parkway,to be honest no I can’t,but I’ll take a wild guess at it. From what I think I see in the hints,the second hint,I think I see a small plane,so it would have to be an airport,don’t know which one,I wonder if I’m on the right or not,as for the first hint,it looks like a long trailer,that’s all I can get out of it. I hope I’m not making a fool out of myself for not knowing,but I’‘m just learning about Motor Parkway,some of you people have known about it longer than I have,well I tried anyway. Take care

Dec 13 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:45 PM

Hi Ted, you are close.

This section of the Motor Parkway was close to an airport. Moreover, the two “hints” are Motor Parkway bridges.


Dec 14 2012 brian mccarthy 9:58 PM

Hi Howard. I’m thinking this is Levittown, near the aviation club that was west of jerusalem ave,

Dec 14 2012 Ted Reina 10:05 PM

Ha Howard, is there a prize of some sort if you can answer? I knew iit was close to an airport, that’s a start, I’ve been trying to find out where. Here’s another wild guess, is it Jericho Typke in Old Westbury? I need more hints,hint hint Howard, this is challenging to me, In the meanwhile I’ll keep looking in case I’m wrong

Dec 14 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:26 PM

Third Hint: The plane was headed North-West.

Dec 14 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:26 PM

Forth Hint: The line of trees just below the plane.

Dec 14 2012 brian mccarthy 10:32 PM

Allright then, mitchell field area.

Dec 15 2012 Barry 4:55 AM

It’s right over Glen Cove Rd./Old Country Road.  I don’t know what the first hint is, but the second hint is the Motor Parkway bridge by Old Country Road.

Dec 15 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:33 AM

Nope. Try again!

Dec 15 2012 brian mccarthy 10:57 AM

I just sent a reply similar to the one referring to the glen cove rd area, and it’s incorrect. Is this in queens?

Dec 15 2012 Howard Kroplick 3:42 PM

Hint #5: Look very closely at the area below the plane.

Dec 15 2012 John Vincenzo 4:59 PM

Near St Johns Cemetery?

Dec 15 2012 Ted Reina 10:20 PM

I was thinking Mitchell Field too. I am looking very closely below the plane with a magnifying glass and I do see the line of trees alongside what looks like a dirt road,but there are more just like that,that go to another road going east west,but have no idea where this is. I don’t recognize anything that would give me a clue,this is a tuffy, I see things,but still nothing comes to mind, We are all stumped, need more HINTS Howard

Dec 16 2012 Art K. 8:20 AM

Eisenhower Park

Dec 16 2012 Bill Bellmer 8:40 AM

He’s flying over what is now Eisenhower Park. The line of trees is Stewart Ave., and beneath that is the old LIRR Central Extension. Merrick Ave. is on the left. Westbury is beyond the plane in the center.

Dec 16 2012 Greg O. 10:48 AM

My best educated guess would be the bridge on the right is the LIMP bridge going over Merrick Ave directly West of what is now the Eisenhower Park golf course…
Parallel to the LIMP to the South looks like Stewart Ave and below that would be the now Abandoned Central Rail Road…

Dec 16 2012 Howard Kroplick 9:04 PM

Marilyn via

“My guess is that it is somewhere near Roosevelt Field.”

Dec 17 2012 Ted Reina 9:33 PM

Hi Howard,    What’s going on? No one seems to know the answer to this one,you really got them going on it. Most of us are thinking along the lines,but are wrong. What do you think about telling us the answer,then we can comment about it? Or have us rack our brains somemore. I don’t have anymore ideas of where it is. I’ll hate to give up. I would just like to know where it is and where I went wrong looking for it,that’s what everyone else is thinking too I guess. Howard, please don’t leave us hanging

Dec 17 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:05 PM

Hi Ted:

Here is the answer:

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