Mar 03 2011

Can You Identify This Mystery Long Island Mercedes?

Several people have sent in comments on last Sunday's post "Willie K’s Cars #3:The 1902 40-HP Mercedes Simplex- The Oldest Surviving Mercedes" with information on other vintage Mercedes. First up is Walt Gosden, historian for the Long Island Sound Region of the Classic Car Club of America.


Walt Gosden: "I read with interest your post about the early Mercedes roadster. There was another early Mercedes here on Long Island and from what i can recall from a casual conversation about the car with Henry Austin Clark Jr. when he brought it up about 35 years ago when we were working together in his library (I was his librarian for about two years in the mid 1970s).

The car was a 1905, in excellent original untouched condition, was still owned by the family that bought it new (possibly the Astor family). The car wasn't for sale - ever - and at that time had some interest by one of the grand kids (great grand kids?) of the family who were "going to get it running". I never heard anything further about the car, so it to my knowledge still exists out there someplace.


To prove that I am not imagining that I heard about the car, here is a photo of it. Back of the photo (unknown photographer) says "1905 Mercedes Bayside, L.I. N.Y. reconditioned antique", I have two other photos, same hand writing, same size (snapshot) one of a 1924 Renault tourer, the other a 1920 Stevens Duryea roadster, both state reconditioned antique. There is no date or location, but in the Renault photo it has a mid/late 1930s sedan in the back round parked on the street."

Does anyone have any information on this mystery Mercedes?

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Mar 06 2011 Walter McCarthy 12:50 PM

Must have been updated when it was reconditioned as the half doors in the front were seen c. 1910-11 and the whole body looks c. 1910-11. Also it was a small model as the larger Mercedes models were all chain driven cars.  Walter

Mar 07 2011 David B Traver Adolphus 8:35 AM

Are you sure it’s an ‘05? I’d put it later.

Aug 15 2017 Helmut Larkamp 5:11 AM

This is a 1911 Simplex Cardan driven . The car is in my showroom in Berlin and is still completly untouched . Astor family was the first owner .
I would love to have that original photo !

Sep 18 2017 Wayne Aberdeen 6:20 AM

Can I ask the engine number and chassis number.  I have a 19118/18PS Mercedes and have been trying to find the whereabouts of this car for over 10 years.  I assume it is the ex-Astor town sedan that for some time was in the Imperial Palace Motor Museum? It is a magnificent original car! I think yours and mine are the only two 8/18ps Mercedes still existing?? Would love to hear more about it from you - and would love some photos. Regards, Wayne

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