Mar 21 2018

From the Simeone Museum: Celebrating the Renault Roadsters

Dr. Fred Simeone and Chris Webb of the Simeone Automotive Museum have forwarded images from the museum's 2018 calendar celebrating the Renault Vanderbilt Racers.


Howard Kroplick

Willie K's Renault

September 6-7, 1907

Raffalovitch and Basle

1907 Morris Park Motordrome, New York

Motor Parkway Sweepstakes October 10, 1908

Willie K's Renault in Austria

1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race October 24, 1908


Mar 25 2018 Bob Swanson 12:18 AM

James Melton pulled one of the Renaults out of Ridgefield, Ct. in 1943, I’ve always wondered what family had it at the time. I found two photos of the car in town in the 1920’s. Bob

Mar 27 2018 S. Berliner, III 1:26 PM

I still want to know (or remember) how Ridgefield got into this act.  Also - “young French women” at Morris Park?  Further, Brighton Beach is some 12 miles SW of Morris Park.  Huh?  Sam, III

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