Nov 04 2013

Chrysler’s Chrysler Chronicle VI: Heading to the “Finish Line”

My friend Jim Pearsall forwarded this photo of the Chrysler's Chrysler taken last week at Steve Babinsky's Automotive Restoration shop in Lebanon, New Jersey.

Historian and coachwork specialist Walt Gosden has been providing reports on the restoration of the 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler. Here is his latest update.



Howard Kroplick

Chrysler's Chrysler Chronicle VI: Heading to the "Finish" Line

By Walter Gosden

All structural woodwork must be now completed. The tan is a "skim coat" of filler that is being sanded down to nearly nothing and will fill slight surface irregularities. the nose (front clip - hood and shell) are in place as this will show alignment .

This is where the whole surface of the car has to be made perfectly smooth before any paint (primer) is sprayed on.Dark colors show up every tiny imperfection in the surface - light colors don't.

So with all the compound curves of the surface on ther car and the huge areas of sheet metal that blend into each other the whole surface has to be as perfect as humanly possible since there are no belt line moldings to break the flow.

Still a lot of work to do but Chrysler's Chrysler is now  at a point now where serious damage has been corrected and cosmetically on the way to the "finish" state and no longer the "dismantle and repair" state.



Nov 06 2013 Ted 4:21 PM

This is great news and what a great job they are doing on this one of a kind car. Now just to get it sanded,primed and painted to perfection,sound easy,but you never know what imperfections may come up,as was said. The end result will be what it should look like,as if it was a brand new car. I’m sure The Chrysler’s Chrysler will be a WINNER AT THE FINISH LINE

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