Apr 12 2014

Chrysler’s Chrysler’s Specifications

The restored 1937 Chrysler Imperial C-15 Town Car "Chrysler's Chrysler" will be shown for the first time at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Sunday, August 17, 2014. Here are the automobile's specifications.


Howard Kroplick

Chrysler's Chrysler Features (Updated: November 10, 2014)


•Year/Make Model:  1937 Chrysler Imperial Model C-15 Town Car

•Provenance:  A “one-of one” seven-passenger limousine custom built by LeBaron for Walter P. Chrysler as a gift for his wife Della. The car was inherited  by Bernice Chrysler Garbisch,  daughter of  Della and Walter P. Chrysler. Harry Gilbert, Huntington, New York, donated the car to the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in December 1959. Howard Kroplick, East Hills,  New York,  purchased the car at an auction at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum in January 2012.

•Engineering Advance:  Believed to be the first automobile with spring loaded power-assisted rear windows and door locks.

•Engine:  Straight 8-cylinder in-line engine, 130 horsepower, 323.5 cubic inches displacement,  3-speed manual transmission with automatic overdrive

•Body Specifications:  144-inch wheelbase,  19-feet length, 6-feet  6-inches width,  5-feet 10 inches height, 6,300 lbs weight. Aluminum body by LeBaron,  painted black, leather interior, upholstered seats, custom bar, scripted LeBaron nameplates, initials “BCG” on the rear doors (Bernice Chrysler Garbisch)

•Vehicle Identification: 9999236   •Engine Serial Number: 815-158

Odometer Reading (April 2012):  25,501

Concours Debut: 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Awarded First in Class for American Classic Closed.


Chrysler's Chrysler will be judged in Pebble Beach's Class C-3: American Classic Closed.

1937 Images

1937 Chrysler's Chrysler Being Restored- April 2013


Apr 12 2014 Ted 10:34 PM

Does this mean that the car might be ready before you go to Pebble Beach and that you’ll show it, or it might be best to wait until after, not to rush things to much, it’s only 4 months away and a lot of arrangements to make?
From Howard Kroplick:

Ted, Pebble Beach will be the first show for Chrysler’s Chrysler.

Apr 12 2014 James Spina 10:37 PM

Wow! That’s awesome. Wish we could be there! We WILL be at the upcoming Floral Park celebration honoring The Vanderbilt Cup Race heritage. Your efforts to reinforce the whole heritage of Long Island and its position in the history of the automobile is never anything less then stellar.
From Howard Kroplick:

James, thanks so much!

Apr 13 2014 Rich 7:44 AM

Congratulations and good luck!  What more can I say.

Apr 13 2014 Bruce Adams 8:04 AM

I look forward to seeing you and Chrysler’s Chrysler at Pebbble Beach Concourse and in Carmel following the Tour if you take it on the run along Big Sur.

What a great addition to Pebble Beach, this fabulous “ONE OFF.”
From Howard Kroplick:

Bruce, I would not miss the 60-mile Pebble Beach Tour d’Elegance on August 14th. Cars are made to be driven.

Apr 13 2014 John 9:12 AM

Howard,  this means so much for the Long Island motoring heritage. Thanks for your dedication.  It would be great to build on your hard work by organising our clubs for a east coast version of Pebble Beach.  John MBCA

Apr 13 2014 Phil 10:35 AM

I’m sure it’ll steal the show!

Apr 13 2014 Ted 12:10 PM

Thanks for the quick response Howard. Now I’m off to Tappan Beach. I guess I won’t be seeing you until 4-23 at the Bethpage Library. See ya.

Apr 13 2014 H. Robert Greenbaum 12:26 PM

Heshy, you are Major League.  Somewhere, P.K. is beaming.
Best always,

From Howard Kroplick:

H, Papa Phil is definitely smiling!

Apr 13 2014 Howard Kroplick 1:18 PM

From Stephanie G:

Congratulations Howard and Roz!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

Apr 13 2014 Howard Kroplick 1:25 PM

From Stephanie G:

Congratulations Howard and Roz!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful news.

Apr 20 2014 Ernie Finamore 8:01 AM

Congrats, Howard! Looking forward to seeing the Chrysler up close and personal myself, though not at Pebble. Thank you once again for representing all of us automotive enthusiasts here on Long Island. The episode of “Americarna” was very enjoyable, and my smiling face got three different (brief) looks on the screen as well!

Thanks again, and Happy Holiday! —Ernie Finamore
From Howard Kroplick

Ernie, thanks so much. You looked great at the beginning of the segment!

Aug 14 2014 Ted 9:15 PM

Well Howard, this is the first glorious day with that One Of, how was it, I can imagine how excited you were riding around, showing it off, along with all the others, now for a little rest from that until the big day. Relax and enjoy till then

Aug 18 2014 Ted 1:32 AM

Hoping for the best. I sure you did well

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