Jun 27 2018

Cradle of Aviation Archives: Hangars and Aircraft of Roosevelt Field Along Clinton Avenue

W. M. has forwarded a request for photos of the Roosevelt Field hangars along Clinton Road. The Cradle of Aviation Archives have provided these images that include: the hangars, several Motor Parkway aerials and Willie K's Sikorsky S-43 amphibian.


Howard Kroplick

October 7, 1938

Old Country Road is diagonally across the top. Clinton Road is north/south road on the left ending in the left corner. The Motor Parkway circles Roosevelt Field.

This 1931 view is looking to the east with Clinton Road across the bottom of the photo and Old Country Road to the left. The Motor Parkway can be seen under the wing tips of the middle two Keystone bombers and running parallel to Stewart Avenue.

A close-up of the Clinton Road hangars.

View looking south down Clinton Road. Mitchel Field can be seen in the background. Circa 1951.

An Aeromarine Klemp parked in front of the Air Associates hangar.

A Movietone Fokker Super Universal in front of the Air Associates hangar. Circa 1930.

 A Boeing 247-D -the world's first modern airliner. Circa 1935.

Willie K's Sikorsky S-43 in front of the Aero Trades hangar. Circa 1937.

ERCO Ercoupe 415-C


Jul 01 2018 Janet Epstein 10:26 AM

Thanks Howard, as always great enjoyable pictures from the past

Jul 01 2018 S. Berliner, III 3:56 PM

Comments and questions.  OCR is NOT diagonally across first (1938) shot; it’s the east-west north end of the field, south of the LIRR main line.  The southernmos{?} hanger on Clinton was the Moisant hangar, #11, where George Dade lived when his father moved east to LI to work spruce for Curtiss; they got off the LIRR train or trolley at the Clinton Road station and first saw their new home from the top of the Clinton LIMP bridge.  The private S-43 is shown as having been bought by Harold S. V. in 1938, not Willie - ???; in WWII, it became a USAAF OA-8 (not USN JRS-1 - my bad).  Boeing 247D - my fav. - new shot for me; thanks.  ERCO was Engrg. & Research Corp. started by (Gramophone and carbon mike inventor) Emile Berliner’s son, Henry (no relation), in 1930.  Great thread for me, personally!  Sam, III

Jul 04 2018 mark schaier 8:10 AM

The car parked behind the Boeing 247-D photo is a Chrysler Airflow Imperial Sedan, traveling in style.

Jul 05 2018 S. Berliner, III 11:45 AM

O.K,, Mark - another ol’ Eagle Eyes!  And I’m supposedly the Chrysler nut around here.  Blew the pic ‘wau up and sure enough, that’s just what it is.  Well done!  However, it might be a 1935, not the original ‘34; note the projecting prow.  Whatcha t’ink?  Either way, can’t you just see that monster cruising majestically (Imperially?) along the LIMP?  Sam, III

Jul 06 2018 mark schaier 10:35 AM

Hey Sam, that photo listed circa 1935 the Airflow is 1935, side engine vent is 1935, the front grill/hood was somewhat similar to the lower Airstream models from ‘35-‘37. The original 1934 had the waterfall grill design, a dud! It appears to be a series C2, a comparison, ‘35 Buick series 60, (61,67) had same wheelbase as the Airflow C2, about same price, outsold the Airflow. Sam check out the smartly dressed couple at rear of the car, owners? Yes driving deluxe on the LIMP.

Jul 07 2018 Janet 8:49 AM

Does anyone know if the headquarters house just off Clinton is in the picture of Roosevelt Field.?

Jul 08 2018 S. Berliner, III 4:30 PM

Thanks, Mark (side vent - duh!).  Janet - HQ house?  If you mean the LIMP Superintendant’s House, it is in the lower left but hard to see.  I posted a marked-up detail for you at <http://sbiii.com/limpnaer/superaer.jpg>.  Sam, III

Jul 10 2018 Janet Epstein 7:35 AM

Thanks Sam‼️  About 25 years ago there was a fantastic racing car weather vane on top of the house…..it’s gone now??? but the last time I visited there were lots of cement posts along the road.

Howard Kroplick

Janet, here is the weathervane: http://www.vanderbiltcupraces.com/blog/article/wednesday_january_6_2010_the_motor_parkway_weather_vane

It is currently owned by a member of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society.

Jul 10 2018 S. Berliner, III 12:46 PM

Wish I could add to this; there was a very good pic of the vane around some 20-30 years back but I can’t find it,  Perhaps the LIMPPS member would be kind enough to favo(u)r us with a good photo.  Sam, III

Jul 11 2018 Janet epstein 7:03 AM

Thanks Howard for the vane picture and Al for the cost.  I would LOVE to buy one of those

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