Jan 27 2018

Cradle of Aviation Archives: The Aircraft of the Long Island Aviation Country Club Part I

The Cradle of Aviation Museum has provided 68 images of the Long Island Aviation Country Club taken from 1930 to 1949. In the first of the LIAM series, several of the notable aircraft that flew from this private airfield are featured.

Videos have been added to supplement the photos from the Archives.


Howard Kroplick

The Long Island Motor Parkway can be seen just south of the clubhouse and tennis court of the Long Island Aviation Country Club, located in the Hempstead Plains (originally Hicksville, now Levittown).

Various aircraft in front of the hangar.

Aircraft lined up for the 1949 Manufacturers' Demonstration Day.

William K. Vanderbilt, Jr.'s Sikorsky S-43

Ercoupe built by ERCO billed as "America's first certified spin-proof plane."

A Skyfarer parked in front of the swimming pool.

TWA DC-2 Cessna C-124 Airmaster. Note: "The Lindbergh Line" logo above the wing.

Spartan Executive 7W

The Spartan Executive was equipped with a 450-hp Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN3 engine.


Jan 28 2018 frank femenias 12:03 AM

Great to see Willie K in this rare and short video during this time! Rare as it is, it showed his appreciation and character never seen before. I’m hoping more of the same is still out there to observe. These years were tough for videos. Thanks again Howard for extending history as never seen before.

Jan 28 2018 Joseph DeBono 4:09 AM

Great pictures of the L.I.A.C.C. in Levittown Specifically the one by the pool. You can see how flat the land was on Long Island in certain places.

Jan 28 2018 LMK 9:09 AM

They really did it nicely….Land your plane, jump in to a cool pool and relax….

This, including the videos, has been enjoyable ...

Thanks Howard…

Jan 28 2018 Steve L 9:11 AM

WOW. That Spartan. What a neat plane. it was good to be rich back then,eh?

Jan 28 2018 Dick Gorman 10:57 AM

FYI… that orange plane near the Swimming pool is a Skyfarer not an Ercoupe.
Howard Kroplick

Dick, good catch! you are 100% correct.

Feb 19 2018 R Troy 8:15 PM

Love it.  Do we know if any of the planes, including the DC2, still exist and even fly?

Mar 18 2018 S. Berliner, III 9:50 PM

{R. Troy - missed your question!} Several DC-2s survive and the Dutch have one flying.  Ercoupes abound in many guises!  ERCO, the original builder, was founded in 1930 by Henry Berliner, son of famed telephone, gramophone, and helicopter inventor Emile Berliner (no relation of mine).  A Spartan Executive (although a 12W) survives in Tulsa.  Air & Space has a Sikorsky JRS-1 (Navy S-43) and Howard Hughes’ S-43 survives in Florida, both being restored, and there is one restored in Arizona.  One Skyfarer survives in Iowa.  Sam, III

Mar 18 2018 R Troy 11:54 PM

Sam - Neat!  Ron

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