Nov 13 2012

Women and Automobiles in the Early 1900s

Men were not alone in their appreciation of automobiles in the early 1900s. Here is a selection of  photos of women and autos from the early 1900s.


Howard Kroplick

Rosale Adele Nelson, the original Lucky Strike poster girl, in a Plymouth Roadster. The copy for one of Rosalie's poster; "When a sweet tempts me, I light a Lucky Strike".

Actress Natalie Kingston in a Speed Hinkley racer in 1927.

Peggy Worth starring in the 1924 film "Miles Against Minutes".

Bessie Love checking out a 1927 Willys-Knight Roadster.

Sari Maritza in front of one of the 25 Lifesaver Dodge motor trucks.

Miss Jesse Boustelle in her Lion "40".

Joan Newton Cuneo driving a 1914 Knox.


Nov 18 2012 Alan Ballard 9:40 AM

Howard, if you or any of your readers are interested, David Greenlees over on, posted a picture of my grandmother in the Folwell’s first car, a 1906 Packard Model 24. To find the picture and caption, simply go to The Old Motor web site and type in the name Folwell in the Search box.

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