Jun 13 2018

Femenias Findings: Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1 in Queens Officially Closed

Frank Femenias has reported that the entrance to the Wheeler Farmway Bridge has been officially closed.

Frank: I was riding the Queens Greenway yesterday and noticed a disturbance by Wheeler farmway bridge 1. I turned around to take a closer look (see below). Someone (likely the New York City Parks Department) placed a hefty pile of timber on the south entrance of the bridge preventing further access. An incident may have occurred there recently. Grateful for all the documentation over the years of its 1911 interior.


Howard Kroplick


Wheeler Farmway Bridge #1

1990s: This Wheeler Farmway Bridge, located near 226th Street, was originally documented over 20 years ago by the prominent Motor Parkway historian Bob Miller who noted: "I crawled inside the underpass/overpass several years ago and took some prints of the abutments—you can see 1911 cast into them—somewhat lime-encrusted, but legible. There’s also one of the tubular metal railings which adorned the top of the bridge on the side, which has tossed under when it rotted off its uprights. "

2009 Submitted by Art Kleiner

2016 Submitted by Dave Russo


Jun 14 2018 Ron Ridolph 4:03 AM

Hi Howard:      Re:  Farmway Bridge of LIMP
  Would it be possible for us to pursue more details on the latest report as noted
in today’s blog.  I believe our followers would enjoy knowing the reasons for the
recent placing of wood being placed at this location.

                Thanks and Best Always,  Ron Ridolph
Howard Kroplick

We will try! Frank and I assume that it was the Parks Department making it unavailable.

Jun 22 2018 Dave Russo 1:54 PM

Been swamped at work lately. Sorry haven’t been participating in the LIMP!

Frank I’m confused by these photos. This location doesn’t appear to be the wheeler bridge. The first photo that shows the LIMP with the timber pile in the woods, that’s not it. The bridge is obviously right on the LIMP and the “entrance” to it is immediately off the road and this is not the spot. Do you have more pics?

And the parks dept is going to have to do a little more to make it “unavailable”. Moving a few branches is not a problem for those who need to “explore”!

Jun 27 2018 Tom 3:31 PM

I agree with Dave!

Jun 29 2018 frank femenias 10:24 AM

Dave, Tom - I wish I was wrong this time but this is Wheeler 1 on the southside. I couldn’t get back far enough for a better shot but the wood pile is actually larger than shown in the pics. Not easy to remove Dave (big and small pieces compacted together). Check it out when you’re back in town guys

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