Sep 23 2015 Film: Walter P. Chrysler: A Machinist Visionary has posted this six-minute film on the life of Walter P. Chrysler. The film is narrated by Frank Rhodes, Jr., the great-grandson of Walter P. Chrysler.


Howard Kroplick

Published on Apr 12, 2012

Walter P. Chrysler was raised at the intersection of prairie life and locomotives where his early fascinations with machinery and engineering would influence his work ethic, career path and ultimate rise in the automotive industry. He was a self-taught, intuitive engineer and self-made man. His hands-on work in the railroad industry gave him the foundation to be a reliable, efficient and skilled laborer at Buick where he worked his way up to President of the company.

Walter P. Chrysler was recognized as the "go-to guy" whether on the assembly line or in his executive office and surrounded himself with creative and innovative teams who strived to produce cars that blended style, performance and affordability.

The history of Chrysler—the man and the company—is a story in which the focus and determination of Walter P. Chrysler spurred quality engineering and ingrained a sense of style and pride in the products he and his team created. This personal history, and Walter P. Chrysler's ability to select and cultivate leaders, made Chrysler what it is today and this heritage helps illuminate the company's way forward.


On September 14, 2014 , Gwynne McDevitt, granddaughter of Walter P. Chrysler, and her son Frank Rhodes Jr., reconnected with Chrysler's Chrysler at the Radnor Concours d'Elegance in Malvern, Pennsylvania.


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