Jun 24 2010

Postcards from the Long Island Automotive Museum (#7-11)

The Long Island Automotive Museum offered a wide array of related merchandise including; jewelry, label buttons, photos, model car kits, china and series of postcards. As described in this brochure , provided by Walter McCarthy, there were at least four series of postcards published featuring the cars of "Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and other noted collections". Here are five more postcards (#7-11) from one of the series. Remember to click on the image to enlarge it.

#7: 1903 Autocar, Type 8, 2 cylinders, 10 HP, Price new: $1,700 (less top)



#8: 1903 Ford, Model A Runabout, 2 cylinders, 8 HP, Price new: $750



#9: 1904 Knox, Surrey, Tuxedo Model, 2 cylinders, 16 HP, Price new: $2,500



#10: 1904 Winton, Roadster, 2 cylinders, 20 HP, Price new: $2,500 with tonneau



#11: 1905 Pierce Great Arrow, Touring Car, 4 cylinders, 28-32 HP, Price new: $4,250




July 2, 2010 Update: Interior of the Long Island Automotive Museum at a 1978 auction (Courtesy of Walter McCarthy)


Another view of the Long Island Automotive Museum's interior at a 1978 auction (Courtesy of Walter McCarthy).

Watch for more Henry Austin Clark, Jr. postcards to be posted this summer.

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Jun 27 2010 Walter McCarthy 3:34 PM

Hi Howard,  I have hundreds of Austin’s postcards possibly a complete set of each series.  You are welcome to use any you may wish on your site. Regards,  Walter

Jun 28 2010 Howard Kroplick 10:58 PM

Hi Walter:

Thanks so much. I will take you up on your kind offer.


Jun 29 2010 Tom 4:44 PM

Does anyone actually have any interior shots of the L.I. Auto museum? I have never had the chance to visit when it was open and I have not ever seen any interior shots. Perhaps no inside photos were allowed. But would be interesting to see if some interior shots exist.

Jul 02 2010 Howard Kroplick 9:27 PM

Hi Tom:

Above are two 1978 interior photos courtesy of Mr. Reliable Walter McCarthy.


Jul 22 2010 Nancy DeWitt 2:33 PM

I have really enjoyed seeing photos and the film from Mr. Clark’s museum. I work for the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska, and we have four cars that I’m told were in the Long Island Museum. These are the 1899 Hertel,1906 Compound, 1914 Moline-Knight and 1918 Biddle. We have postcards of all but the Moline-Knight. Was there one even made of the latter?

Jul 27 2010 Howard Kroplick 8:42 PM

Hi Nancy:

Thanks for the comment.

I don’t have the Moline-Knight postcard in my collection. I will keep looking for it.


Nov 28 2010 Roberto Rodriguez 5:37 PM

The 1904 Knox, pictured in the postcard, is in the collection of the Seal Cove Auto Museum located on Mount Desert Island, Maine. The car was acquired by the Museum’s founder, Richard C. Paine Jr., in 1986. The Museum also displays a Thomas Flyer that had been found in a barn by Henry Austin Clark Jr.

Dec 01 2019 Jason 8:09 AM

Love those postcard!

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