Jan 31 2017

From Scottsdale to Roslyn: The Journey of Tucker 1044

Eleven days after being auctioned in Scottsdale, Arizona on January 19, 2017, Tucker 1044 made it to its new home in Roslyn yesterday.


Howard Kroplick

Thursday, January 19, 2017- Scottsdale

 Photographed by Patrick Ernzen. Courtesy of RM Sotheby's.

Monday, January 30, 2017 Waterfront at Roslyn, Roslyn, New York

The arrival in a huge hauler.

Very, very, scary!!

The first ride.

Safe and sound in the garage.

A double-thumbs up!!


Jan 31 2017 frank femenias 11:18 PM

That is one clean engine! Good luck with her. That must’ve been a nerve racking few days while en route home.

Feb 01 2017 Chuck Rudy 7:59 AM

You are the fortunate caretaker to another amazing piece of history!  It is an absolute beauty.  Enjoy!

Feb 01 2017 Mike Cain 10:02 AM

Glad the trip went well Howard! Following any work you want to do on it maybe you could take it to the Greenwich Concours. I can’t recall ever seeing a Tucker there. Something to think about. Enjoy the car!

Feb 01 2017 Ted 12:11 PM

Well,another car to your collection of the best you can get. Can’t pick which one is the best out of the 4,I would have to see the Tucker live,which I’m sorry to say probably won’t happen,unless for some reason I have to come to N.Y.or you come to Florida,somewhere nearby me to a show. I guess time will tell.Anyhow enjoy it.Hope you enjoyed the pics I sent.

Feb 01 2017 Art Kleiner 6:04 PM

Cool!  You’re going to need another garage soon!

Feb 05 2017 Pat I 7:27 AM

Howard you’ve certainly impressed us all with this acquisition. One of the most collectible iconic automobiles of all time. Mazeltov and happy driving.

Feb 05 2017 James Spina 8:29 AM

YOU have impeccable taste in automobiles.

Feb 05 2017 Richard Motycka 10:35 AM

Wisely purchased. Can’t wait to see its Spring debut.

Feb 05 2017 Jeffrey Becker 1:59 PM

Congratulations Howard !  Enjoy !

Feb 05 2017 Constance Smith 3:37 PM

This is truly amazing; now I won’t have to go to Hershey or Michigan or anywhere else to see one.  You truly deserve this this car. Congratulations.

Feb 05 2017 Tom Studillac 3:49 PM

I love this car. can’t wait to see it If you aren’t busy on may 21 it would be great to see this at the orphan car show at Marjorie Post Park in Massapequa   LOVE IT

Feb 05 2017 Artie Finnegan 4:18 PM

Howard:  Great find, and another rare car on L.I.  Good Luck Artie. GNYR.

Feb 05 2017 Chris Heisig 4:46 PM

A Great addition . Look forward to seeing your adventures with it !

Feb 05 2017 Roger Price 5:18 PM

Mazel tov!!!  It’s a beauty.  I can’t wait to see the Tucker in all its glory.
All the best.


Feb 06 2017 Michael McCabe 2:34 PM

Congratulations, Howard on purchasing that beautiful Tucker. One of only 47 out of 51 left in the world. Amazing.

Feb 07 2017 Steve Green 3:51 PM

Howie. . . . . congratulations!  Can’t wait to get an opportunity to see this great car next time I’m out in New York.

Feb 11 2017 Howard Kroplick 11:46 AM

From Arlene S
Holy cow Howard!  Is that gorgeous TUCKER yours?!  Phew!  congratulations!  It’s a beauty!!! All of Long Island will have a treat this summer for sure!

Feb 12 2017 mark schaier 5:25 AM

Howard, I had stop by your garage in Roslyn the other day, looking through the garage door window the view of the back of the Tucker, the paint is peeling on the trunk and on the top right rear fender. Did not notice in the photos you had posted. NEEDS RESTORATION!

Aug 15 2017 Paul DiNatale 4:58 PM

what auction was it bought at as i now live nearbyscottsdale and went to a few of them in january.  i finally left ny but return to visit and will come by to see the tucker. thanks, anyway my friend who just passed away helped build the viaduct that is shown above your garage/museum.
Howard Kroplick

The Tucker ‘48 #1044 was purchased at the RM Auction in Scottsdale in Arizona.


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