Aug 23 2016

John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album: Action in Hicksville During the 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Race

In the second  post from the John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album, Gladys Roosevelt, the daughter of John E. Roosevelt and the second cousin of President Teddy Roosevelt, captured accidents and breakdowns that occurred at her viewing location at Old Country Road in Hicksville.

These photos are courtesy of the Bayport Heritage Association and the Suffolk County Parks Department .


Howard Kroplick

Louis Chevrolet's Fatal Accident

Gladys Roosevelt captured the fatal accident that likely ended the Vanderbilt Cup Race series on Long Island.

Louis Chevrolet's Marquette-Buick can be seen upside down after hitting a ditch and a parked touring car on Old Country Road.

Chevrolet was thrown clear of the accident, the fall inflicting a broken arm but no life-threatening injuries. However, his mechanician Charles Miller was pinned under the heavy racer and died on the scene.

Gladys Roosevelt's caption: Two views of Louis Chevrolet 100hp Marquette Buick, which broke its steering gear & turned a forward somersault over a touring car, killing the mechanician.

The touring car hit by Chevrolet.The three women in the car escaped serious injury. Courtesy of the Helck Family Collection.

Bob Burman's Marquette Buick

Gladys Roosevelt's caption

W.T. Frey's Mercer After Hitting a Telegraph Pole

W.T. Frey's run in the Mercer in the 1910 Wheatley Sweepstakes ending after he crashed into a Hicksville telegraph pole.

Gladys Roosevelt's caption


Aug 24 2016 frank femenias 1:01 AM

WOW! These “buried in the vault” images are priceless, Impossible to obtain elsewhere.

Aug 27 2016 Ted 7:01 PM

Wow,incredible pictures,thanks for sharing them

Aug 28 2016 JeRita 8:30 PM

WOW what a glimpse into the past Thank you so much for sharing

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