Dec 03 2019

Helck Family Collection: Long Island Motor Parkway Inc. $1,000 Four Per Cent Gold Bond

In 1906 William K. Vanderbilt Jr. and his business associates raised $2 million ($57 million today) in stock to build the Motor Parkway. Eventually, more than $6 million ($171 million today) was raised including $1 million in 4% interest gold bonds.

This $1,000 bond, courtesy of the Helck Family Collection, was a gift from George Baylis to Peter Helck on May 25, 1973.


Howard Kroplick

Peter Helck notes the bond was "from George Baylis, May 25, 1973."

The bond was dated for May 1909 with the Windsor Trust Company as the trustee.

The investor was to be paid 4% twice a year  beginning in May 1909 and ending on May 1, 1934.

$20 coupons were payable in May and November each year.


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