Nov 12 2016

Helck Family Collection: Old 16 on Display at the Henry Ford Museum in 1962

Since 1997, the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan has been the home of Old 16, the winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race. Thirty-Five years earlier, Old 16 made its first appearance at Henry Ford's  annual sports car review exhibit documented in the January 28, 1962 issue of Detroit News Sunday Pictorial and the 1962 Sports Cars in Review program.

The documents are courtesy of The Helck Family Collection.


Howard Kroplick

The Detroit News Sunday Pictorial, January 28, 1962

1962 Sports Cars in Review


Nov 13 2016 Ronald Sieber 8:31 AM

Nice coverage of Old Sixteen!

Keep up the good work,


Nov 13 2016 Steven Wasserman 12:37 PM

Nice to see these 1962 pictures of Old Sixteen. Is it still on display at the Henry Ford Museum?

Nov 14 2016 mark schaier 4:38 AM

Where is Old Sixteen these days? Who owns it? Hey Howard you haven’t bought it yet?
From Howard Kroplick

Old 16 is owned by the Henry Ford Museum and is currently on display:

Nov 19 2016 Steven Wasserman 3:38 PM

Old Sixteen may not be for sale, but you can see David Wasserman’s monumental depiction in metal of that historic car at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. Or you purchase a coffee mug featuring that image on line at

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