Nov 01 2015

Chrysler’s Chrysler Featured on the Cover of the December 2015 Issue of Hemmings Motor News

The December 2015 issue of the Hemmings Motor News features all the entrants to the 9th Annual Hemmings Concours d'Elegance held on September 27, 2015. The 1937 Chrysler's Chrysler is highlighted on the cover as Best in Show.


Howard Kroplick

Full Classic Class


Nov 01 2015 L.M.K. 6:58 AM

Congratulations Howard !!

Nov 01 2015 Howard Kroplick 12:29 PM

From Florence:
Congrats on the cover story of your Chrysler.

Nov 01 2015 Ted 1:23 PM

I noticed that you now have side view mirrors,now for the two things on the running board,by chance are they trophies? Can’t make out what it says on them.

From Howard Kroplick

Side view mirrors were only off for the Pebble Beach Concours.

Those objects are the two Hemmings Concours trophies; Best in Show and Best in Class.

Nov 01 2015 Chris 3:43 PM

Snatched from the edge of neglect to front page ....Well Done !!!!

Nov 01 2015 S. Berliner, III 4:27 PM

Congrats, indeed!  Couldn’t happen to nicer guy.  You took a kinda stodgy old mess and transformed it back into a joy to behold, for which we in the pld car field, especially those of us who have seen the car in it’s various stages of glory, decay, and renewal, are beholden to you.  [Ditto BĂȘte Noir, of course.]  Sam, III

Nov 04 2015 Ted 12:45 AM

Howard   Thanks for the info on that

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