Nov 24 2012

Hemmings Classic Car: “The Black Beast: Tracing the history of the 1909 Alco”

The special commemorative January 2013 issue of Hemmings Classic Car includes an article on the Alco Black Beast by Senior Editor James Donnelly with photos by Editor-In-Chief Richard Lentinello. Here are a preview of the photos and capions used in the article.


Howard Kroplick

The January 2013 Hemmings Classic Car is its 100th issue This commemorative issue provides a ranking of the "Top 100 American Collector Cars of All Time".

The article on the Black Beast is a special feature.

"The mechanician works a pump to maintain fuel pressure."

"It rockets along during the early Vanderbilt Cup on Long Island."

"The Black Beast , number 19, is at the front of the rolling start during the inaugural Indianapolis 500 in 1911."

"I found the Black Beast for sale in Brussels at a vintage car dealer...Then I went over to Belgium and saw the car in his showroom. I knew it was coming back with me."

"Everything about the Alco racer is massive. Bosch-ignited T-head straight-six displaces 680.6 cubic inches. The crankcase and oil reservoir rivals a septic tank in size."

"Alco built its cars like, well, locomotives. Everything about the Black Beast is big and brutal."


Nov 24 2012 Roger A. Price 11:00 PM

I saw the article in “Classic Car” and it was terrific.  Nice job!
You’re a celebrity.

Nov 25 2012 Lou 4:45 PM

Well deserved recognition…..And what a find Brussels !!  I don’t know if you’ve told the whole story here about your hunt and discovery of the black beast but I will check the archives for it….

Nov 25 2012 Richard Motycka 6:42 PM

Pourquoi est la běte noir(e) bleu, Howard?

Nov 29 2012 Howard Kroplick 9:17 PM

Il est noir .. juste une réflexion, Richard. Merci!

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