Jun 03 2017

Hemmings Motor News: “Tuckered Out- Here are all the Tuckers on public display in the U.S.”

The July 2017 issue of Hemmings Motor News featured an article identifying the location of the 21 Tucker '48s on public display in the United States.

The Tucker '48 #1044 will be on display tomorrow at the AACA Greater NY Region 51st Annual Spring Meet at Old Westbury Gardens.


Howard Kroplick

The 21 Tuckers on Public Display

Tucker Tin Goose #1000

Location:  Swigart Antique Auto Museum, Huntingdon, Pennyslvania

Tucker '48 #1001

Location: AACA Museum, Hershey, Pensylvania

Tucker '48 #1003

Location: Academy of Art University Automobile Museum, San Francisco, California

Tucker '48 #1005

 Location: Tallahassee Automobile Museum, Tallahassee, Tennessee

Tucker '48 #1007

Location: LeMay Collection at Marymount, Tacoma, Washington

Tucker '48 #1008

Location: Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage, Chicago, Illinois

Tucker '48 #1012

Location: Kesling Auto Collection at the LaPorte County Historical Society Museum, LaPorte, Indiana

Tucker '48 #1013

Location: Swigart Antique Auto Museum, Huntingdon, Pennyslvania

Tucker '48 #1016

Location: The Henry Ford, Dearborn Michigan

Tucker '48 #1019

Location: San Diego Automotive Museum, San Diego

Tucker '48 #1022

Location: AACA Museum, Hershey, Pennyslvania

Tucker '48 #1024

Location: Museum of American Speed, Lincoln, Nebraska

Tucker '48 #1026

Location: AACA Museum, Hershey, Paennyslvania

Tucker '48 #1028

Location: Tupelo Automobile Museum, Tupelo, Mississippi

Tucker '48 #1030

Location: Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California

Tucker '48 #1032

Location: National Automobile Museum, Reno Nevada . Photo courtesy of Walt Gosden.

Tucker '48 #1037

Location: Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Greyersville, California

Tucker '48 #1039

Location: The National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.

Tucker '48#1040

Location: The Nethercutt Museum, Sylmar, California

Tucker '48 #1047

Location: Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, Michigan

Tucker '48 #1050

Location: Dick's Classic Garage, San Marcos, Texas


Jun 04 2017 Steve vilardi 2:53 PM

What abouT the fiberglass full size Tucker reproduction with a 71 ford engine, chassis and front seat. One is in Yespilanti mi. Musuem but I believe three are out there somewhere.

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