Jul 02 2016

Henry Austin Clark Jr. and his 1911 Mercer 35R Raceabout

Last month, I had the opportunity to discuss Henry Austin Clark, Jr.'s 1911 Mercer Type 35R Racebaout with his son Hal Clark.  Hal recommended posting this 2014 YouTube video.

The Mercer (lot #10) sold for $2.53 million at the 2014 RM Auctions 2014 Monterey Classic Car Sale, the highest price ever obtained for a Mercer.

Happy July 4th Weekend!

Howard Kroplick


Jul 02 2016 Earl Gandel 11:21 PM

After meeting Hal and hearing him speak in Southampton and seeing this film, I think H. Austin Clark Jr.‘s legacy is in good hands.

Jul 03 2016 L.M.K. 9:58 AM

I enjoyed that ...

Jul 03 2016 Ted 12:11 PM

What a great video. It’s a toss up between your’s and his. I would have to see it live to decide,seeing and hearing it in action. Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July to all of you.

Feb 14 2018 Bob McDonald 12:31 PM

My uncle Gene Martin is in one of the photos sitting next to Austie in the 1911 Mercer.

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