Apr 03 2018

Highlights from the Alco Black Beast at the 2018 Garden City Easter Sunday Vintage Car Parade

The Garden City Easter Sunday Vintage Car Parade has been a wonderful Long Island tradition for 63 years. The Alco Black Beast was greeted with the first smiles and thumbs-ups of 2018.

The Alco Black Beast team had a blast!


Howard Kroplick

Morning Car Show

The Easter Bunny dressed up as Bruce Adams.

The First "Smiles & Thumbs-Ups" of 2018

The Black Beast Loves a Parade

Courtesy of Stephen Takacs

Courtesy of Stephen Takacs


Apr 04 2018 Walt Gosden 4:22 PM

Howard, you are a master of making people smile and be happy with your cars! Think of how the memories that were made that day will last forever with the people that experienced the Black Beast. I wish I was recovered enough to have attended.

Apr 08 2018 LMK 11:00 AM

What a great turnout of people….

Apr 08 2018 Jan Hyde 1:15 PM

Love it!
Just wondering, can you run it on today’s pump gas?

Howard Kroplick

No problem running on low octane.

Apr 08 2018 S. Berliner, III 9:37 PM

That second “Morning” pic, ¾ left rear view, shows to advantage just how far out behind the rear of the car those rear dumb irons extend!  As to the parade, which I used to attend faithfully, especially when my kiddies were little (there were rides ij rumble seats!), who cares about some noisy, smelly old ALC0 when there’s a glorious 1941 Chrysler convertible in front?  :↓·)  Sam, III

Apr 08 2018 frank femenias 10:10 PM

Fantastic! The hottest race car on Long Island.

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