Jan 24 2017

Images of the Tucker 1044

The Tucker 1044 will be arriving next week on Long Island to become the only Tucker in New York State. These images are courtesy of RM Sothebys.


Howard Kroplick


Jan 26 2017 frank femenias 9:47 PM

It looks amazingly clean inside (interior). Is that all original?

Jan 26 2017 frank femenias 10:08 PM

Amazing instrumentation on the dash for a ‘48, the same seen today (58 years later), Bat, Oil, Fuel, and Temp, also dual exhaust to boot, onto six outlets. This one is out of my league but appears a well thought out vehicle. Something to well consider.

Jan 29 2017 Hugh 8:28 AM

I think the basic parts for the dash cluster are the same as the 1940 and 1941 Lincoln Zephyr with different graphics. The Steering wheel is 1942 Lincoln with a Tucker horn button. Also note the shift gate is very much like the 810 Cords.

Jan 29 2017 Tom Cotter 10:09 AM

Howard, I recently photographed that car in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  It will be featured in my next book, due out in June.  Tom
Howard Kroplick

Tom, Super! I really am looking forward to next wonderful book.

Jan 29 2017 Roger Price 5:32 PM

Great photos of that Tucker.  Where will the Tucker be located?  Can we see it?
Howard Kroplick

Rog, until the fall, the Tucker will be in the Waterfront at Roslyn garage. I will be having a few “Tucker” days.

Jan 29 2017 Constance Smith 6:16 PM

Great shots. I have numerous photos of the deep green Tucker from the Stahl Collection which I shot at the Ford Estate for my forthcoming book.  (Damsels In Design, from Schiffer Books features pioneering women designers from 1939-1959. ) Of course, the David Cammack collection at the AACA Museum is the best.

Jan 30 2017 Paul DiNatale 3:14 AM

this is the first time i have ever seen the tucker photograghed from a view on a lift and also the interior.  i just came from the Russo Steele auction in scottsdale az and they had cars from the missoula museum of montana go up for sale many cheap. a 1941 red Lincol Continental Zepher 2 dr coupe with a flathead v12 was sold cheap in the 20 g range. it was completely restored and so clean you could eat off it. i thought Huge would like to know. too bad i moved out to az as i would be at the waterfront in roslyn tommorow if i could.  i have a friend who goes to rosyln often and i will tell him about the tucker on display.I would like to see the front trunk and if possible the front turning headlight assembly mechanism and hope my friend can get photos.  Is there a workshop manual available just in case i buy one and have to work on it? i am sure any mechanic will need one if called to work on it. thanks for the info. greatest tucker pictures ever seen!

Jan 30 2017 Paul DiNatale 3:18 AM

And Yes Huge a two Cords were also sold at the auction and they had the same gear shifter as the Tucker as i remember and took some pictures of it.

Jan 30 2017 Paul DiNatale 3:28 AM

biggest lower control arm bushing i ever seen! and held together with bolts that are of the allen type. it looks like the two big end ones have a adjustable setting for proper alignment of the front end.  strong as a TANK!

Jan 30 2017 Paul DiNatale 3:31 AM

Sorry i just saw the trunk pictures great shots as my friend wont have to take the photos.

Feb 01 2017 Ken Wiebke 1:53 AM

I gather that this rare auto will take its place among the Black Beast, the first Mustang and Chrysler’s Chrysler which if accurate is most fortunate for Long Island. You are a collector of very high quality cars but the way you take the time to share them with the public so selflessly is to be commended.  BIGLY.

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