Sep 12 2018

Update #1: John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album: The Motor Parkway Near Ronkonkoma, Circa 1911

Frank Giebfried of the Bayport Heritage Association has forwarded another gem from the John E. Roosevelt Family Photo Album. The photo, documenting the "Motor Parkway near Ronkonkoma", was likely taken by Gladys Roosevelt, the daughter of John E. Roosevelt and the second cousin of President Teddy Roosevelt.

Although undated, the photos in the album were placed in chronological order. This phot was placed between other photos dated October 28, 1910 and February 12, 1911.

The photo is courtesy of the Bayport Heritage Association and the Suffolk County Parks Department.
 Howard Kroplick

Original Motor Parkway wooden posts can be seen at the curve. According to my favorite co-author Al Velocci, this section of the Motor Parkway was not paved until 1913.

 The likely location of the photographer looking north as seen in this 1930 aerial of the Ronkonkoma area.

Femenias' Finding (Submitted by Frank Femenias)

Frank Femenias: Terrific job covering the Motor Parkway, the fun never seizes! And love the new image that just surfaced. Not sure but I think you're in the right location but wrong direction. Check out the shadows when facing  SSW. I was surprised that dirt roadway passed Motor Pkwy standards. Whatever happened to "dirtless"? :D


Sep 12 2018 frank femenias 10:47 PM

What a treasure! Thank you Frank for forwarding these gems, you made my day! Im going to need time with these

Sep 13 2018 Brian D McCarthy 3:20 PM

Great photo! This wicked curve hasn’t changed since this image was taken. Took me by surprise when I was new to driving.

Sep 13 2018 Howard Kroplick 4:06 PM

Update #1: Frank Femenias believes the photographer was looking south/southwest.

Sep 16 2018 Mike K 2:46 AM

Love the Weekly Newsletter.

“Frank Femenias: Terrific job covering the Motor Parkway, the fun never seizes!”

Perhaps the writer meant “... never ceases!” I bet the fun of researching the Motor Parkway and its era does seize the writer! Y’all are superb detectives.

Some of us old-school teachers (or old school-teachers, and I am both) can’t resist the fun of usage checks. LOL

Sep 16 2018 Bruce Adams 8:57 PM

I offer from those really long post shadows that, if the LIMP is going west at that point, it would be around noon around December 22 or so.  If the LIMP is heading north or south at that point, the long shadows might indicate its near sunrise or sunset.

Sep 17 2018 frank femenias 3:26 PM

Good catch Mike!

Sep 27 2018 Tom 8:35 AM

Those wooden posts are very uneven, that’s why I like ‘em!

Sep 27 2018 frank femenias 1:00 PM

Wait!  Is it dirt or is it snow?

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