Dec 14 2019

Kleiner’s Kolumn: The Long Island Motor Parkway in Maps (Part III)

Part III of the map series provides a further look at the Motor Parkway as depicted on various types of  maps.  The undated map above was compiled and printed by The M.B. Printing & Binding Co. of NY and included a space for an address and stamp. 

Art Kleiner

The mailer provides directions and mileage to various points across Long Island as well as Repair and Gasoline Stations (R).   

From the Queensboro Bridge to the Long Island Motor Parkway the map shows a distance of 31 miles.  Total mileage for the Motor Parkway is 45 miles. 

Early 1909 map from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle showing the Parkway going between Jericho Turnpike near Mineola and the Bethpage Toll Lodge.

1911 map from The New York Times

Prepared by the Metropolitan Automobile Association (anagram of AAA however) in 1925.  (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Published by the Long Island State Park Commission in 1927 as part of a 116 page tourist book highlighting the Northern and Southern State Parkways as proposed future construction. Commission members included Robert Moses and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Notice Deer Range State Park which was renamed Hecksher (e.g., August) State Park.

1928 Sunrise Trails map published by the LI Chamber of Commerce showing Toll Lodges, golf clubs, auto ferries, etc. 

Interestingly one would think there were 84 golf clubs as shown, but not all numbers are on the list (e.g., 4 and 16). 

No, not Pan-Am airlines, but Pan-Am Motor Oil.  The state parkways are still proposed.  1931 The H.M. Gousha Company

Love this one from Fortune Magazine of 1932.

Hagstrom map of 1944 showing the Motor Parkway as a bicycle path through Queens. 


Dec 15 2019 S. Berliner, III 3:16 PM

I blew up the 1911 NYT map but it’s too blurry to read; the eastern terminus and Lake Ronkonkoma seem oddly displaced, relatively.  Thanks again, Art, for this fab. thread.  Sam, III

Dec 16 2019 Al Velocci 11:11 AM

Sam, The location of the Parkway ROW on the 1911 NYT map is pretty accurate. Prior to the determination to end the Parkway at Lake Ronkonkoma, the ROW to Riverhead was south of the lake with a spur to the Inn. The Parkway had already acquired several parcels of land just south and east of the Lake prior to that decision.

Dec 16 2019 Steven Lynch 9:34 PM

Wonderful research, Art. I sure do wish the maps were larger and readable in many cases. Is this possible? Regards, Steve

Dec 16 2019 Art Kleiner 10:40 PM

Thanks Steven.  Some maps are taken from newspaper archives which sometimes aren’t digitized clearly at the source.  I have a few more map posts coming up in which I’ll try to increase the resolution.

Dec 17 2019 S. Berliner, III 8:55 PM

Howard and Art, I ran across this map,, on which it is amazingly easy to trace virtually the entire length of the LIMP RoW.  One more resource.  Sam, III

Dec 19 2019 Tom Padilla 9:43 PM

I didn’t realize I grew up in the “Desert of Queens”!  It’s funny that the most desert-like part of Nassau Co. (formerly the eastern half of Queens, pre-consolidation) was the Hempstead Plains, central-to-south. The north sides of current Queens and Brooklyn were the rich farmland and woodlands of the townships of old Newtown and Flushing (including Bayside) where I grew up and where my ancestors farmed.

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