Nov 19 2019

Kleiner’s Korner: Removal of the (Old) Westbury Road Motor Parkway Bridge in East Meadow

This next installment of my Motor Parkway bridge removal series takes us to the Westbury Road Bridge in East Meadow.  Located between Carmen Avenue and the Wantagh State Parkway, the bridge is classified as a "parkway" bridge since the Motor Parkway went over Westbury Road (now called Old Westbury Road).  While researching this bridge, the name of its associated street often varied depending on the documents reviewed.  And for those of you interested in the transformation of roads into the county highway system, I've included several Legal Notices published in Newsday during the mid-50s pertaning to this section. 

Art Kleiner

The Location through the Years

How many names can a street have?  Look through the years to see what this stretch of roadway was called.  An early name was Westbury Road during the Motor Parkway years, but others have been noted.  Among these is Gasser Avenue that reflected the family farm of John Gasser shown here.  (these and the following maps courtesy of unless otherwise noted)

1970: Obituary of Gasser family member (Newsday)

1914: Interesting is that in this and the previous map the road that became Gasser Avenue extends towards the upper left corner.  This is now occupied by homes.  And by the way, I am typing this tonight in what was then the nearby farm of either Bernard Elfing or Daniel Scholl! 

1927: Westbury Road is named on this Motor Parkway survey. (Motor Parkway Atlas)


1939 Hagstrom : Jeruslam Avenue - just goes to show that you can't believe everything you read (as my research certainly shows). Hopefully what I write is a bit more accurate. 

1939: Nassau Conty DPW (NCDPW) map showing area to be included in future sale of county owned property.

1968: Cross-hatching indicates county owned property. (NCDPW)

2018: Current photo showing the street is now named Bob Reed Lane, a firefighter in the East Meadow Fire Department who lost his life following a 1981 fire.  A firehouse is in the triangle formed by Salisbury Park Drive, Carmen Avenue and Bob Reed Lane. 

Building of the Motor Parkway Bridge

1908 Construction

View looking northwest

View looking southeast

After the Close of the Motor Parkway

1955: Nassau County Photo Archives

Courtesy: Al Velocci for this and the following caption

2003: Courtesy Al Velocci

Bridge Removal Plans

1954 Notice of bridge removal and grading.  Formal bidding for the project (Contract 869-T) is in the following Legal Notice.  (NCDPW)

1955 Legal Notice published in Newsday.

1954: Note the three names shown.  (NCDPW)

Notice the I beams which for many bridge removals were to be removed and used by the contractor as salvage. (NCDPW)

Nassau County Legal Notices (Newsday)

1953: Reflecting multiple names

1955: Designating as a county road a part of the Long Island Motor Parkway and Old Westbury Road (Gasser Ave.)

1958: Gasser Avenue being designated as a county road.

1958:  Motor Parkway indicated as a county road here and which forms a boundary of a park district.


Nov 20 2019 Al Prete 3:16 PM

So the stretch of the Motor Parkway from where it turns SE (E of Carman Avenue) to where it turns E again ran parallel to Old Westbury Road, and just south of it. Based on modern maps, it appears that this stretch of Salisbury Park Drive came from Old Westbury Road, and not from the Motor Parkway. Where the Motor Parkway was is now occupied by baseball fields and the Knolls residential community. Or am I off base?

Nov 20 2019 Art Kleiner 7:48 PM

Hi Al,  based on a conversation Howard and I had, I believe you may be right.  Thanks.

Nov 20 2019 frank femenias 11:24 PM

Al Prete - I agree with all the above. You are correct.

Nov 21 2019 Brian D McCarthy 8:26 PM

Nice job, Art. Thought to post the below 2 images from a past blog. Once you see them it’ll be understood.

image image
Nov 21 2019 Art Kleiner 9:10 PM

Go it Brian!  Great pics.    Thanks.

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