Dec 17 2012

Location of Mystery Motor Parkway Aerial Revealed

The location for last week's mystery aerial is the Hempstead Plains looking north in East Meadow, now Eisenhower Park. More aerials of this area are posted below.

Congratulations to Bill Bellmer, Greg O. and Marilyn  for correct submissions!


Howard Kroplick


1938 Aerial

This 1938 aerial looking north basically matches the above aerial. The Motor Parkway is the top road. Stewart Avenue is below the Motor Parkway marked by a parallel array of trees. See captions below.

This closeup of the aerial shows the Merrick Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge, the Meadow Brook Lodge and the entrance to the lodge.

1939 Aerial

A similar view of the closeup looking west.

2012 Bing Map Bird's Eye View

A current view of the Eisenhower Park. The right-of-way for the Motor Parkway is now a golf cart path.


Dec 18 2012 Ted Reina 7:37 PM

Ha Howard,I was thinking Eisenhower Park too,but didn’t mention it because you did’nt reply to it,so I thought it was wrong. Now I have a question,you may know it. In 2010 what museum put in a gallerywith A Gentleman’s Coach House complete with tack room and groom’s room?  This question is for everybody. I think this is an easy question,let’s see how good you people are

Dec 23 2012 S. Berliner, III 5:33 AM

The Carriage Museum at the LI Museum in Stony Brook, of course!  Also, on the 1938 aerial, note Whaleneck Road cutting almost due south from Merrick Avenue between Stewart Avenue and the CRRofLI RoW and running alongside the east side of the Polo Field.  Sam, III

Dec 23 2012 Art K. 10:28 AM

I got it right too as included in last week’s comments.  If anyone is interested, I’ve included a postcard showing the Meadow Brook Lodge in 1908 on my postcard page on my Motor Parkway site -  Fifth from the bottom.

Dec 23 2012 Al Velocci 1:47 PM

Hey Howard, Got a couple of comments regarding the first 1938 aerial photo. First ,of particular interest to golfers. part of the red course at Eisenhower can be seen above the motor parkway r.o.w. Those same holes are still in use today. Today’s first and eighteenth holes are south of the parkway. They replaced the orignal holes when today’s clubhouse/ticket sales building was erected in the 1950’s. Of more interest to parkway buffs is the that the parkway r.o.w. thru Eisenhower Park is still in use today. It is paved and used by park employees to get around the park. The begining of the curved section on the right is used today by golfers to get from the 17th green to the 18th tee. Every time I drive a golf cart on this section anyone who happens to be in the car with is told the are riding on the old Motor Parkway. The kind of response I get is usually determined by how well they played the 17th hole. Keep up the good work, Al Velocci

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