Sep 19 2010

A “New” Motor Parkway Map & Nassau County Historical Sites

Steven W. comments: "Do you have a road map of the full route of the Motor Parkway with surrounding residential streets? This would be highly appreciated, as I would love to see it and bike through the trails of the demolished part in Nassau County".

Steven, I have created a 15-page pdf that shows the entire 44-mile right-of way from Horace Harding Boulevard in Fresh Meadows to Lake Ronkonkoma. The Motor Parkway is marked in blue. As a follow-up to last Sunday's post on Queens Motor Parkway historical sites, below are some Nassau County sites that you can find using the map:

Lake Success


A part of the Great Neck Lodge was built into the kitchen of the private home off Lakeville Road.


A beautifully preserved section of the Motor Parkway is now a path to the Great Neck Neck South High School athletic fields. Note:The three foot concrete extensions on both sides built to expand the Motor Parkway from 16 feet to 22 feet in the 1920s.

North Hills


The abutment for the Motor Parkway bridge which went over New Hyde Park Road.

Manhasset Hills


Only two Motor Parkway bridges are still standing in Nassau County. The first one can be found at the end of Old Courthouse Road.

Williston Park


A section of the Motor Parkway is well-preserved east of Willis Avenue. A Motor Parkway plaque was placed nearby by the Village of Williston Park in 2003.

East Williston


Another well-preserved section of the Motor Parkway is the 1/4 mile stretch between the Oyster Branch LIRR line and Roslyn Road. This section of the right-of-way was cleared several years ago by a group of LIMPers uncovering the three foot concrete extensions on both sides of the 16-foot Parkway.



Just west of Roslyn Road, the Roslyn Lodge (now a private home) and the abutment for the Roslyn Road Motor Parkway Bridge are now hidden behind trees.



South of Jericho Turnpike, the Mineola Lodge has also been converted into a private home.


Concrete posts were placed on both sides of the Motor Parkway to keep non-paying customers off the road and to designate the border of right-of-way. Hundreds of these posts remain in place along the 44-mile path including this cluster west of Old Country Road. These particular posts are unusual in that their sizes get smaller as they approach Old Country Road. Why? Simple explanation: The Motor Parkway tunneled under Old Country Road and the posts follow the filled-in slope.

Garden City


The abutment of the Motor Parkway Bridge over Clinton Road.


Motor Parkway General Manager's Office east of Clinton Road is now a private home.


The Garden City Lodge, originally off Clinton Road, has been relocated and restored on Seventh Street.

Westbury/East Meadow


The Meadow Brook Lodge was located at this location.



Although the site of grandstand and press box for the 1908 to 1910 Vanderbilt Cup Races is surrounded by hundreds of Levitt homes, the Motor Parkway right-of- way in this area has not been developed.



Motor Parkway Right-Of-Way -east of The June 6, 1908 Ground-Breaking Ceremony for the Motor Parkway was held on the west side of Stewart Avenue. The bridge abutment on the east side of Stewart Avenue (formerly Jerusalem Road) is still standing.


The famous Deadman's Curve with fantastic views of the Motor Parkway engineering.


The remnants of the Motor Parkway bridge can be seen on the east side of Round Swamp Road.

Old Bethpage


More concrete posts and pavement remnants exist in the Battle Row Campground.


The Clody Farmway Motor Parkway Bridge is located in the Old Bethpage Village Restoration. The Motor Parkway is this section has been restored by the Ford Model A Club.

Tomorrow, the Motor Parkway historical sites series concludes with views in Suffolk County.

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Sep 26 2010 Art K. 1:25 PM

Howard - two parkway posts are found in the Levittown picture just left to the white fence on the right. Enlarging the pic helps.  These are the only ones I’ve encountered on this section of the Roadway.

Also, the link on the Bethpage section mentioning Round Swamp Road isn’t working.

Very informative blog this week.  Thanks.

May 26 2013 Peter Tumminello 3:21 PM

Howard that is Salisbury park drive & Stewart ave the meadowbrook bridge by ladenburg dr correct me if wrong Peter Tummiinello.

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