Aug 05 2015

More Photos of the Long Island Aviation Country Club by Alfred Eisenstaedt

As a follow-up to last weekend's Mystery Foto, here are additional photos of the Long Island Aviation Club and its members taken by the renown Life photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt.


Howard Kroplick


Aug 09 2015 Gary Hammond 2:35 AM

The last photo is of a Sikorsky model S-39A, s/n 909, reg. NC807W, built ca. 1930.  One of these aircraft (NC803W) has been restored and is on display at the New England Air Museum, Windsor Locks, CT.  Another one of these was used by the CAP at Base 17, Suffolk Airport during 1942-43 on coastal patrol looking for German submarines, etc.
The 6th photo (lineup of a/c with clubhouse in background) - the 1st a/c Reg. # NC12345 is a Monocoupe 110, c/n 6w47.  This a/c originally belonged to Peter Brooks, a LI race pilot and socialite who married Aline Rhonie, aviatrix and artist.  She is best known for her mural on the Pre-Lindbergh Era of Flight which she painted in Hanger F at Roosevelt Field.

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