Jun 09 2011

More Memorable Images from the 2011 Indy 500 Pre-Race Ceremony

Laura Greco, wife of the Black Beast's master mechanic Sam Greco, has forwarded these memorable images of the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Pre-Race Ceremony:


Parnelli Jones and other Indy drivers wish Emerson Fittipaldi a good ride.


Emerson and Donald Davidson, historian for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the only person in the world to hold this position for a motorsports facility.


Emerson discussing the Beast with Howard and Sam.


TheBlack Beast begins its parade lap.


Racing on the most famous track in the world.


Emerson being congratulated by Bobby Unser after the parade lap where the Beast attained a speed of 68 mph.



Pinch me...surrounded by Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti.


Emerson, Howard and Sam enjoy the moment.


Emerson and Howard pay tribute to Harry Grant and Frank Lee


Howard showing appreciation to Sam Greco for his efforts to get the Black Beast ready for Indy.


AJ, a chief mechanic for the Indy Hall of Fame Museum, congratulating the Black Beast team.

Thanks Laura for forwarding the images. If you have any photos of the pre-race ceremony, please email them to [email protected] .

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Jun 12 2011 js73751 1:14 PM

Is that Bobby Unser congratulating Emo in the sixth photo?

Jun 12 2011 Howard Kroplick 7:03 PM

It could very well be!


Jun 13 2011 James and Gram Spina 8:52 AM

Gram and I simply cannot stop smiling every time we watch this run to victory!!!!!!

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