Jun 28 2019

Motor Parkway East Project Press Conference Today at 3:00 pm in Queens

A bill authorizing a feasibility study for an extension of the Motor Parkway Greenway extension in Queens was passed  unanimously in the New York Assembly on Tuesday.  The bill, previously passed by the Senate, is expected to be signed by Governor Cuomo.

The bill gives the New York State Department of Transportation the green light to conduct a study on the proposed extension of the Greenway from Winchester Boulevard to Little Neck Boulevard.

Dr. Joby Jacob, co-founder of  Motor Parkway East and a strong advocate for the bill, said yesterday: "The Motor Parkway Extension bill passed 104-0 in the Assembly. Now it’s headed to  Governor Cuomo’s desk! I admit over the years there were times I almost lost hope. Thank you to so many friends who encouraged us, stood on street corners with us, showed up to events, and made calls to your elected officials to help make this happen! This was your win! This brings us a major step closer to a trail connecting Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk! Excelsior!"

On behalf of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society and its 468 members, I applaud Dr. Jacob, Juan Restrepo of the Transportation Alternatives Queens Volunteer Committee and State Senator John C. Liu for their efforts in  preserving the history of America's first parkway built for the automobiles. It is our hope that the Queens section of the Motor Parkway will eventually connect to the path proposed in 2012 by Nassau County's Motor Parkway Trail. Passage of this bill S4492/A64123 is an important step in making this a reality, while preserving and restoring a significant piece of Long Island's history. William K. Vanderbilt Jr. would be very proud.

A Motor Parkway Press Conference will be held this Friday, June 28, 2019, 2019 at 3:00 pm at Winchester Boulevard and Union Turnpike


Howard Kroplick

Above photo courtesy of the New York City Parks Department

The current Motor Parkway Greenway and proposed extension to Little Neck Boulevard.


Jun 20 2019 frank femenias 6:01 AM

This is such great news! I have confidence that Dr. Jacob’s proposal will continue to move forward as intended, an obvious commodity to local residents and to surrounding communities as well. Yes it took time but time well worth the effort. I have confidence Governor Cuomo will do the right thing. Hats off to the Joby team for making this all happen.

Jun 20 2019 Brian D McCarthy 4:29 PM

This is great news! Definitely a long time coming.

Jun 23 2019 Maureen Standish 6:21 AM

This is such great news.  Bravo to all the concerted efforts. One mile post at a time.

Jun 23 2019 Bruce Adams 6:37 AM

Great News !

Jun 23 2019 S. Berliner, III 12:54 PM

Willie K. would be very proud?  I am exceedingly proud of all you folks!  Excelsior, indeed!  Sam, III

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