May 31 2016

My Motor Parkway Story #4: Bob Andreocci and “Stand By Me” on the Parkway

In the fourth of the My Motor Parkway Story series, Bob Andreocci contributes "some memories of the Motor Parkway, which has been a thread through his life."

I have supplemented Bob's story with images from the website.

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Howard Kroplick

"Stand By Me" on the Motor Parkway

By Bob Andreocci

My story begins where my aunt lived in Albertson.  Foxcroft Road ran east to west with a cul de sac on the east and west ends, and ran parallel to LIMP  There were maybe 6-8 cement barriers that measured four feet high and 8 inches square.  These were put there to deter auto traffic. 

My cousin and I used to bicycle through those barriers and bicycle east, sometimes stopping at the LIRR bridge and putting pennies on the tracks.  It was, I think 1958 and we were on our way to our cousin’s who lived on Crandall Drive in Mineola, which ran parallel  to Northern State Parkway. (Photo courtesy of Ron Ridolph.)

Years later, as a letter carrier in Williston Park, I delivered mail to  that house but we took a short cut.  We were allowed to cut through the backyard of a house on Bengeyfield Drive. (Photo courtesy of Margaret and George Vitale from slides of Lester Cutting.)

In 1958 I lived in Uniondale, but in 1960 moved to Albertson.  So guess what road was again invading my life?  I was in the Herricks school district and walked to the Herricks Junior High (not called a middle school yet), along OLD Searingtown Road.What I do remember were the hills on either side with three foot walls, again blocking auto traffic. (Photo courtesy of the Magid Family.)

In the early 60’s while in junior high, my friends and I walked home and took a breather at the east wall.  A private time with friends having a “Stand by Me” moment!  These guys who lived in Albertson longer than I did told me about rolling old tires down on Searingtown Rd.  Were they just bragging or did they really do it?  I’ll never know.  (Photo courtesy of Dave and Sammy Russo.)

My house was on Evans Avenue and had a “sump” behind it.  I think the LIMP on the west side of Willis Ave was the entrance to town equipment which bordered the upper end of Park Avenue in Williston Park and that sump. 

So those are memories from this old dude who spent some time on or near that famous part of transportation history on Long Island.  (Photo courtesy of Ron Ridolph.)


Jun 01 2016 frank femenias 2:55 AM

This is great stuff. Uncovering first hand experience of old Long Island with the Motor Parkway as a viaduct. Please keep this going.

Jun 04 2016 Brian D McCarthy 2:03 PM

I really enjoying this new series. The 4th photo down (LIMP thru wooded area). Where exactly is this location? Or has development taken it over?
From Howard Kroplick

Brian, the 1990s photos were taken on the Motor Parkway section west of Searingtown Road by the Magid Family who purchased the property for development.

Jun 06 2016 Brian D McCarthy 10:04 PM

A well preserved portion of the LIMP that I wish to have a memory of. It was good of the Magid family to provide these images.

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