Aug 26 2013

Mystery Foto #30 Solved: Three Cars from a Family Album

Possible solutions for Bob H. who was looking for help to identify three cars from his family's albums. The Mystery Foto photos are dated from 1912 to 1914.

Comments were provided by Ariejan Bos, Alan Clendenen, Greg Oreiro, Jim Waechtler and Hugh M. Thanks for participating.

The consensus solutions are:

Car #1: 1910/1911 Cadillac 30

Car #2: 1910/1911 Pierce Arrow 48

Car #3: 1911 Autocar Model XXIV


If you wish to submit a Mystery Foto, please send a jpeg to me at .



Howard Kroplick



Car #1

1910 Cadillac 30 Runabout

Jim Waechtler

Alan Clendenen

Greg Oriero


1911 Cadillac 30

Ariejan Bos

1910 Chalmers Detroit 30

Hugh M.


Car #2

1910 Pierce Arrow 48

Ariejan Bos

Alan Clendenen

1911 Pierce Arrow 48

Hugh M.

1909-1910 Cadillac Model 30 (Fixed roof Coupe DeVille style)

Greg Oreiro


Car #3

1911 Autocar Model XXIV

Ariejan Bos:

"The latest quiz offered a really beautiful car set, but the third car apparently was still doubtful. Therefore I have sent this photograph of a 1911 Autocar type XXIV (the four-door tourer). The same photograph is shown in The Standard Catalog by the way, but not as clear as this one."


Ariejan Bos: "Obvious is the identical radiator badge as seen on our mystery tourer, which makes it definitely an Autocar. The mystery car however is a standard touring car (not a four-door).

Looking forward to the next challenge."

1909-1910 Cadillac Model 30

Greg Oreiro


Aug 24 2013 Greg 5:49 PM

Car #1

1910 Cadillac Runabout

Car #2

1909-10 Cadillac Model 30 (fixed roof Coupe DeVille style)

Car #3

Unsure, but possibly another variant of an 09/10 Caddy Model 30 touring. The emblem you zoomed in on and a few other of the car’s details say differently though…

Aug 25 2013 JIm Waechtler 4:13 PM

Ford changed to steering wheel on left side (LHD) production in 1908 with the Model T, and Cadillac in 1916. Chevy only started in 1911, Dodge in 1915. Cars could be pre-1912. Car #1 matches well with 1910 Cadillac Runabout - visible at

Aug 25 2013 JIm Waechtler 4:16 PM

Note how spare tires served as “doors”/restraining devices.

Aug 25 2013 Ariejan Bos 6:58 PM

Three mysteries at a time are of course a real challenge! This is what I made of it:
The touring car is a 1911 Autocar, probably a model XXIV (=24). There is not much doubt about this one. The 3p roadster took me some time, but all details point at a 1911 Cadillac ‘30’.  The limousine is a 1910 Pierce-Arrow, but doesn’t appear to be a standard model. It is definitely a 6-cylinder, but which model I don’t know. However, if I would have to guess, I would choose the 48hp model.

Aug 26 2013 Alan Clendenen 12:34 PM

Car # 1 is a 1910 Cadillac 30, Car # 2 is a 1910 Pierce-Arrow 48.

Aug 26 2013 Greg Oreiro 10:18 PM

Jim-You’re right, that particular page you posted seems to confirm #1 as a Model 30 runabout. There is also a photo which closely resembles car #2 identifying it also as a 1910 Model 30. While some details are slightly different (e.g. rear windows and curvature of the front fenders) I chalked the few differences up to maybe being a year or two off, or custom coach variations common in those days- ‘Coupe Deville’ had originally meant early cars that were completely enclosed passenger compartments, with driver compartments that were open sides and/or tops.

#3 still has me guessing. Ariejan, I’m not sure the fenders match to be an Autocar, but I do think it’s possible. There are a lot of little bits that say Caddy and the other vehicles are, or could be, Caddys, so hence my Model 30 to roundout all 3.

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