Jun 03 2019

Mystery Foto #22 Solved: Peter Helck, Golfer Gene Sarazen and Old 16 in 1948

This weekend's Mystery Foto was taken at a New York celebrity party.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the artist (right)

Peter Helck

  • What in the Mystery Foto provides a hint at the athlete's sport?

Spike golf shoes and folf pants

  • Identify the athlete (left).

Winner of seven "Major" golf championships Gene Sarazen

  • Identify the race car and its owner.

Old 16 Locomobile owner owned by Peter Helck in 1948.

  • What year was this photo taken? Provide a rationale.

1948 at Lowell Thomas' private party on September 11, 1948. Rationale: 2016 Mystery Foto #42.

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Congrats to Ron Ridolph, Tim Ivers, Greg O., Dick Gorman, Steve Lucas and Art Kleiner who identified golfer Gene Sarazen.

Kudos to Tim Ivers,Greg O., Dick Gorman, Steve Lucas and Art Kleiner who searched the website and found the Mystery Foto date.


Howard Kroplick


Artist Paul Rabut -Peter Helck's studio assistant for several years (left), Peter Helck (middle) and Gene Sarazen (right)

Other Celebrities at the 1948 Lowell Thomas Party

Captain Chuck Yeager

Eddie Rickenbacker

Lowell Thomas

James Melton

 Front: Lowell Thomas
Front Seat: James Melton (left) actor Robert Montgomery (right)
Standing (left): Eddie Rickenbacker
Second Row (right): Former heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney. Tunney's lifetime record was 65-1-1.

 Pioneer automobile promoter and aviator Augustus Post (left), Antique Automobile editor Jerry Duryea and son of automobile pioneer Charles Duryea  (middle) and Peter Helck (right).


May 30 2019 John wiser 11:38 PM

Peter Helck
Race car driving in old 16 Locomobile
Babe Ruth

Jun 01 2019 Ron Ridolph 1:07 AM

  The photo is of noted artist Peter Helck and professional golfer Gene Sarazen. The
race car is a 1906 locomobile.

Jun 01 2019 Tim Ivers 1:49 PM

The artist was Peter Helck
The driver, golfer Gene Sarazen, is wearing “plus fours”, golfing knickers
James Melton owned old number 16
The year was 1948

Jun 01 2019 Greg O. 2:14 PM

-Identify the artist (right)
Peter Helck

-What in the Mystery Foto provides a hint at the athlete’s sport?
Golf pants

-Identify the athlete (left).
Gene Sarazen

-Identify the race car and its owner.
Peter Helck owned Old 16 at the time

-What year was this photo taken? Provide a rationale.
September 11, 1948 celebrity picnic at Lowell Thomas’ Home in Pawling, New York

Jun 01 2019 Dick Gorman 4:23 PM

Mystery Foto #22…. The artist to the right is, of course, Peter Helck. The athlete behind the wheel is golfing great Gene Sarazen. His shoes and socks hint at the sport of golf. The race car is none other than the Old 16 Locomobile. The car was owned by Peter Helck at that time. The Celebrity Party was held on September 11,1948.

Jun 01 2019 Steve Lucas 5:27 PM

That’s famous artist Peter Helck sitting next to famous golfer Gene Sarazen (you can tell by the golf spikes) in Peter’s even more famous “Old #16” Locomobile, the winning racer of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup. The date of the photo is September 11, 1948 - you can tell by the inspection sticker on the windshield of the car over Peter’s left shoulder. (Seriously, I simply cheated and looked up mystery photo #42 from October, 2016)

Jun 01 2019 Casey DeNicola 11:14 PM

Artist is Peter Helck.The car is Locomobile ‘Ol 16’.The hint is athletes pants,they are plus fours worn by golfers.So I guess is athlete is a pro golfer.The year is 1949 -50,that is the year of the new Cadillac convertible in background.The Caddy probably delivered the Locomobile,judging by the trailer hitched to it.

Jun 02 2019 Jeff Perkins 8:38 AM

OK, just a guess on some points but here goes….
1) Peter Helck
2) clothing, golf knickers
3) Bobby Jones
4) Peter Helck “ol’ 16” Locomibile
5) late 40’s early 50’s judging by the Cadillac in the background.

Jun 02 2019 Steven Wasserman 11:41 AM

Is that Babe Ruth? The short length of the slacks he’s wearing suggests part of a baseball uniform.

Jun 02 2019 S. Berliner, III 2:24 PM

What fun!  I’m no sports fan but I sure know Peter Helck when I see him (especially with a 1940 Chrysler over his left shoulder!) in his (then) Old 16 Locomobile racer.  Wild guess - golf, because of the knickers, so Gene Sarazen (only name I can think of).  Ca. 1950 (from ‘49-50 Chrysler product between the two)?  Can’t wait for the real poop!  Sam, III

Jun 02 2019 Art Kleiner 9:58 PM

Identify the artist (right): Peter Helck

What in the Mystery Foto provides a hint at the athlete’s sport?  Driver’s shoe (golf)

Identify the athlete (left).: Golfer Gene Sarazen

Identify the race car and its owner.  #16 Locomobile, owned by Peter Helck at the time.

What year was this photo taken? Provide a rationale. 1948 Previous blog posts.


Jun 03 2019 frank femenias 4:29 PM

Artist Peter Helck seated on the mechanician’s seat and possible owner of Alco Old 16 at this time, first U.S. winner of the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race driven by George Robertson. Guessing the athlete is a golfer, possibly wearing cleats, but who? Check out those cars parked in the lot, that’s a mystery all its own.

Jun 03 2019 Roger 4:40 PM

#1 Heleck
#2 golf cleats
#3 Byron Nelson
#4 National
#5 It looks to be 1954 because of the caddy tow car

Jun 06 2019 frank femenias 12:06 AM

Great stuff! There’s always something to learn here. The celebrity pics are great and also including WWI Ace Rickenbacker. Much appreciated, thanks!

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