Dec 25 2017

Mystery Foto #51 Solved:  The Former Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success in 1981

Ron Ridolf challenged you to identify this residence.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify the location and the orientation of the photographer.

About 310 feet east of Lakeville Road adjacent to the Long Island Motor Parkway right-of way.  The photographer is looking northeast.

  • When was this building constructed and for what purpose?

The building was constructed in 1909 as the Great Neck Lodge. It was one of the original six gate lodges designed by architect John Russell Pope.

  • What year was the photo taken?

The photo was taken in 1981 by Ron Ridolph on his journey to document the Motor Parkway.

  • Why was the berm created in front of the building?

The berm is the remnants of the eastern embankment of the Lakeville Road Motor Parkway Bridge.

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Congrats to Greg O., Joe Osterle, Frank Mendyk, David I., Tim Ivers, A.Ward, Steve Lucas, Frank Femenias, Dave Russo, Sam Berliner III, and Art Kleiner (see below Kleiner's Korner) for identfying the Great Neck Lodge.

Kudos to Greg O., Frank Mendyk, David I. and Sam Berliner III for recognizing that the berm was linked to the eastern embankment of the Lakeville Road Motor Parkway Bridge.


Howard Kroplick

Other Ron Ridolph 1981 Images

The former Great Neck Lodge looking northwest.

The former entrance to the Great Neck Lodge from Lakeville Road.

The former Great Neck Lodge looking northeast

The bench was sitting on the section of the Motor Parkway entrance/exit from the Great Neck Lodge.

MyNassauProperty Aerials (1926-Now)




Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)


7/18/38: Formally gate lodge for Motor Parkway

Motor Parkway used as a comm. enterprise.

Other Images of the Great Neck Lodge

Circa 1911

1929 aerial of Lake Success

A close-up of the aerial looking east is probably the best view of the Lakeville Road Motor Parkway bridge. Note: William K. Vanderbilt Jr's former Deepdale mansion can be seen just below the bridge.

Looking west from the bridge. Circa 1930.

The sign indicated the direction fto take for Great Neck, Manhasset, Plandome and Port Washington.

1960 View from the western embankment of the Lakeville Road Motor Parkway Bridge

Looking east with the Great Neck Lodge in the background. Note: The berm on the  norm side of the Motor Parkway right-of-way.

Current Views of the former Great Neck Lodge

Looking west

Looking north


Dec 21 2017 Greg O. 10:05 PM

Originally the Great Neck toll lodge looking East along the LIMP/ now Great Neck South HS jogging path.

Taken by Ron Ridolf in the 70’s before the 80’s and later expansions. I’ll guess the berm was from removal of the bridge embankment and provide privacy to the home.

Dec 21 2017 Greg O. 10:08 PM

Forgot to answer the lodge was built in 1909

Dec 21 2017 Joe Oesterle 10:35 PM

Great Neck lodge.  One of the original 6 designed by John R Pope.  Just east of where the LIMP crossed over Lakeville Rd.  Berm is the entrance portico.  Picture is probably from 1981, since that is when Ron took many of his pictures.  The old lodge is not been assimilated into a much larger home.

Dec 22 2017 Frank Mendyk 12:08 AM

The photographer is taking the photo from the middle of the LIMP facing northeast towards the old Great Neck Lodge.  The photographer is just west of the lodge on the LIMP.
The building was constructed for taking tolls and for the lodge keeper to live in when the parkway opened.
The photo was taken sometime in the 1980’s
The berm in front of the lodge was created when the Lakeville Rd bridge and overpass was removed.  The new section of roadway was graded to match the new road grade at Lakeville Rd.

Dec 22 2017 David I. 8:15 AM

The photographer is on the re-graded LIMP looking northeast at the Great Neck Lodge in Lake Success (built 1909?).  Don’t know when they started building the new super house onto it, but the low (4 ft) chain link fence was put in front of the house by the school in either 1957 or 8 so this could easily be any time in the 1960s, 70s or even early 80s depending on when that red/orange roof went on.

Since you ask, I’m assuming there’s a definitive answer to the berm, that I’m curious to find out, but in the meantime…guesses on the berm: 
a) The berm might have been at the original grade to the Lakeville Road bridge?? 
b) It coulda just been earth bulldozed up when re-grading down to meet level with Lakeville Rd.?? 
c) If it was purposely added, it might be because eastbound on LIMP over the diagonally crossing bridge with a continuing eastward curve east of Lakeville Rd, the cars (at 1 time with NO speed limit) would have been pointing right at the lodge…a protective measure?? 
d) North of the lodge is very steeply uphill. It may be to channel water runoff east-west instead of flooding over LIMP??
...And just for laughs…my most outrageous theory…they buried the bridge there (break out the metal detectors!)
—Merry Christmas & the very best new year to all—

Dec 22 2017 Tim Ivers 4:38 PM

My old friend and former co-worker posted a good one.  Looks like the Great Neck Lodge
off Lakeville Road, built about 1908 with this photo from the 1980s, looking northeast.
It was at one time the LIMP western terminus.
Merry Christmas to Howard and everyone on this website.

Dec 22 2017 A.ward 9:04 PM

This is the lodge and toll gate for the Lakeville Rd., looking northeast.  Next to this photo is a well kept 1/3 mile section of OMP thru the old Phipps Estate, now Great Neck MIddle School complex.

Dec 22 2017 Steve Lucas 10:52 PM

I think we’re looking northeast on the LIMP slightly east of Lakeville Road. The building was constructed in 1909 as the Great Neck toll lodge. Photo was probably taken in 1981 during Ron’s “walking tour” of the LIMP. Not sure, but I think the berm was created when the roadway was re-graded lower to allow access directly from Lakeville Road to the athletic fields of Great Neck High School.

Dec 23 2017 frank femenias 8:33 PM

Without searching, and if memory hasn’t burned out like the Christmas tree lights this year, it’s the Great Neck lodge just east of Lakeville Rd in Lake Success. We’re looking NE, during Ron’s infamous Motor Parkway tour in 1984. This photo shows the lodge in it’s near original configuration. Today, it’s barely recognizable with extensive renovations. Guessing it was constructed in 1909 during second phase of LIMP construction, where it also served as the western terminus near Willie K’s Deepdale estate. The Motor Parkway is just on the other side of that fence between the lodge and fence. It’s still there today and remains one of the most preserved stretches of the roadway. It was great seeing the video of the Black Beast roaring through there recently, just like the ol’ days.

Happy Holidays to all and hoping for a blizzard very soon.

Dec 23 2017 Dave Russo 9:38 PM

Great Neck lodge. Easy one!

Happy holidays to all!!!

Dec 23 2017 S. Berliner, III 11:57 PM

An’ I mistake me not, that’s the mini-mansion atop what’s left of the Great Neck Lodge (which shows on the opposite side of the house) in Lakeville.  The lodge remnant is now the house’s kitchen.  We’re on LIMP RoW at the south end of the Great Neck South schools property and the orientation of the photographer (or, at least, of the camera, barring mirrors) is to the northeast.  Without digging out Al’s book, I shouldn’t guess at the date - 1910?  The overlying house came along around 2000 or so.  It appears to be a fairly current photo.  The berm is probably part of the north side of the curved entrance ramp from the bridge to grade where the LIMP RoW turns from north to east whil(e)(st) crossing Lakeville Road just north of today’s NSP.  Sam, III

Dec 24 2017 Art Kleiner 7:27 AM

Great Neck Motor Parkway Toll/Lodge, east of Lakeville Road in Lake Success by the
Great Neck school complex.  Currently a private residence.  Built in 1909 to be the western terminus.  View is looking north, photographer probably on the Motor Parkway roadway.  Date of photo 1960s.  Berm was for the Motor Parkway entrance.

Dec 24 2017 Bob Henrickson 10:41 PM

Is this building on great neck south property

Dec 25 2017 Gene Peery 3:21 PM

This is either Ronkonkoma or the Great Neck toll lodge! Im going to go with the Ronkonkoma lodge! Keep those great LI parkway photos coming. Thanks, Gene

Dec 26 2017 frank femenias 2:26 AM

Whoops! Ron’s Famous tour.

Dec 26 2017 Al Velocci 11:33 AM

Surprised no one mentioned the reconstructed portion of the r.o.w. from the lodge to Lakeville Rd. The ramp that carried the Parkway over Lakeville Rd. was taken down probably by the Great Neck School District, and built the road that exists today which gives them access to Lakeville Rd. They faithfully reconstructed that portion of the r.o.w.  right down to the concrete extensions. Kudos to the reconstructers

Dec 26 2017 Tom 4:06 PM

Looks like a 1953 Buick passing by in the 1960 photo.

Dec 26 2017 frank femenias 8:15 PM

Ditto Al!
Brian and I explored this area last year and we were able to determine the separation point between where the newer concrete extensions commenced from the original. The difference was barely visible by naked eye, you really had to look hard (the granular concrete mixture was slightly different from the original, as well as the color, also barely different). I took pics at that point and hope photography grasped the difference. Looking for the pic now and will send it in.

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