Feb 12 2018

Mystery Foto #6 Solved: The Tucker Tin Goose at a 1947 Exhibit

Matt Lynch challenged you to identify this Tucker.

Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify this specific Tucker. Provide a rationale. Hint: This Tucker has several design features seen only on this automobile.

This is the Tucker Tin Goose built in 1947 as the Tucker '48 prototype. It is the only Tucker that does not have "suicide doors." The 50 pilot production Tuckers had their rear doors hinged at the back (C-pillar) rather than the center piece between the doors (B-pillar).

In addition, the Tucker Tin Goose did not have front turning signals.

  • When was this photo taken?

Likely in 1947 after its Chicago unveiling on June 19, 1947. The Tucker Tin Goose was only Tucker displayed in 1947.

  • Where was this photo taken (currently unknown)?

Still unknown but not likely the June 19, 1947 unveiling.

Four possible locations according to Steve Lehto's book Preston Tucker and his Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow:

-July-August 1947: New Products Exhibition, Los Angeles, California

-August 1947: New York Museum of Science and Industry, RCA Building, Rockefeller Center, New York

-1947: Chicago

-1947: Milwaukee

  • What was the nickname for the women showing the Tucker at this exhibit?

The women were called "Tuckerettes" by the press.

  • What was the brand name for the Tucker luggage?

The brand for the Tucker luggage was Indestructo.

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Congrats to Mark Schaier, Jim Ryan, Steve Vilardi, Steve Lucas, Art Kleiner (see below Kleiner's Korner), Tim Ivers, Michael Howe, John Dore, Robert Walko, Alex Kidwell, Dan Maciejewski, Ken Northcraft, Jimmy Mayhugh, and Robert Jones for correctly identifying the Tucker Tin Goose.

Kudos to Steve Lucas and Art Kleiner for the knowing the Tucker "Indestructo" brand for its luggage.


Howard Kroplick


The Tucker Tin Goose as seen in May 2017. Compare the position of the door handles with the pilot production Tucker 1013 in the background.

August 1947

Advertising the Tucker Tin Goose Exhibit

Kleiner's Korner (Submitted by Art Kleiner)


Feb 11 2018 mark schaier 5:06 AM

The car is the original Tin Goose prototype, the rear doors opens forward, the hubcap of different designs than the later ones, the front bumper grill painted black. The other things unknown to me?

Feb 11 2018 Jim Ryan 8:30 AM

This Tucker is the Tin Goose,  #0000 a prototype. This Tucker did not have suicide doors. The rear doors hinges are attached to the B Pillar.

Feb 11 2018 Dick Gorman 12:27 PM

Mystery friday Foto # 6… The Tucker in this photo is #1037. Not the Tin Goose. As per a page ion The Tucker Auto club site. Photo taken on June 19, 1947 at Tucker plant in Chicago. Name of women showing the Tucker at this exhibit… Tuckerettes. I just made that up. Don’t really know answer. The luggage brand was Tucker.

Feb 11 2018 Steven Vilardi 6:10 PM

The door handles have to be the giveaway. It must be the Tin Goose Tucker 48 #1001 prototype. The location does not appear to be the White Castle in Lynbrook.

Feb 11 2018 Steve Lucas 6:46 PM

That is the Tucker prototype car #1000 also known as the “Tin Goose”. It was the only one made without suicide doors in the rear. Photo may have been taken on June 19, 1947 at its public debut at the Tucker factory on Cicero Avenue in Chicago, IL. I think the women were called Tuckerettes. The luggage was manufactured by INDESTRUCTO.

Feb 11 2018 Art Kleiner 9:06 PM

Identify this specific Tucker. Provide a rationale. Hint: This Tucker has several design features seen only on this automobile. 
Prototype named the Tin Goose.

When was this photo taken?  1947

Where was this photo taken (currently unknown)?

What was the nickname for the women showing the Tucker at this exhibit?  Hmm- how the Tuckerettes?

What was the brand name for the Tucker luggage?  Indestructo

Feb 12 2018 Jim Ryan 8:31 AM

The Luggage was sold by The Tucker corporation accessory program. The Luggage was Tucker Luggage.

Feb 12 2018 Jim Ryan 8:33 AM

the nickname for the women showing the Tucker at this exhibit were TUCKERETTS

Feb 12 2018 Jim Ryan 8:38 AM

Photo was taken at the Tucker Unveiling Event, Chicago, Illinois June 19, 1947

Feb 12 2018 Tim Ivers 5:56 PM

Looks like the prototype Tucker ‘Tin Goose’ built in 1947 and debuted June 19th that year
at the Tucker plant, the former WWII aircraft building in Chicago.
Partly financed by sales of “Tucker Luggage”.

Feb 12 2018 frank femenias 9:41 PM

Wild guess, this is Howard’s Tucker, #1044 in original green

Feb 12 2018 Howard Kroplick 11:24 PM

From the Tucker ‘48 Automobiles Facebook Page

Michael Howe Given the extended lower bumper and colored grill, the Tin Goose?

John Dore yep, Tin Goose - based on the position of the rear door handles too

Robert A. Walko Production models had suicide doors. So, yeah, Tin Goose.

Alex Kidwell Tin goose

Dan Maciejewski The car aside, Tin Goose was the only Tucker displayed like this, a press display if you will

Ken Northcraft: Tucker Tin Goose

Dave Wardamasky nicer wheel covers than what it now wears

Jimmy Mayhugh Tin goose. It has no turn signals in the front as well

Robert Jones Yeah, Tin Goose

Feb 14 2018 mark schaier 8:09 AM

Strange, two different hubcap designs on the Tin Goose shown at different times? WHY?





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