Nov 10 2014

Mystery Foto #93 Solved: Henry Austin Clark, Jr. in his 1926 Model T Acrobatic in Southampton, NY

I was definitely clowning around with this weekend's Mystery Foto courtesy of Walter McCarthy.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

-Who is the driver of the car and his passenger?

Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and, according to Walt Gosden, his eight-year old daughter Cynthia.

-Where was the photo taken and its approximate year.

Main Street, Southampton, New York around 1960.

-What was the original manufacturer and make of the car?

Walt Gosden: A 1926 Ford T Acrobatic car (Austin's description). It was sold at the auction of cars held at the Long Island Automotve Museum on October 13, 1979.

-How did the car work?

Walt Gosden:  The axle was positioned so when you gave it the gas it would cantillevered the front wheels off the ground.

Congratulations to Ron Ridolph, Greg O., Sam Berliner III, Frank Femenias, Walter McCarthy, Jeff Payne, Art Kleiner, and  Steve Lucas for identifying Henry Austin Clark Jr. Kudos to Greg O., Walter McCarthy and Ted for identifying the automobile as a Ford Model T. Hats off to Greg O., Walter McCarthy, Jeff Payne, Steve Lucas and Art Kleiner for identifying Southampton.


Please join the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society at 7:30 pm on Thursday, November 20, 2014 for a very special evening paying tribute to Henry Austin Clark, Jr. and his memorable Long Island Automotive Museum. Walt McCarthy and Walt Gosden will discuss the life and times of this Long Island automobile icon using their own personal experiences, photos and films.The meeting will be held  at the auditorium at Bethpage Public Library, 47 Powell Avenue, Bethpage, NY. Everyone is welcome to this event. Please bring your friends and neighbors.


Enjoy and a big salute to all Veterans,

Howard Kroplick

Veteran driver Montague Roberts, Henry Austin Clark, Jr., his daughter Cynthia and his wife Wally in 1948. They are sitting in the 1907 Thomas Flyer that won the 1908 New York to Paris Race.  This historic car was purchased by Austin Clark for $3,000 in 1948 and sold to William Harrah in the early 1960s. The car is currently exhibited at the National Automobile Museum in Reno Nevada. Although Roberts never participated in a Vanderbilt Cup Race, he drove Thomas cars in both the 1905 American Elimination Trial and 1906 American Elimination Trial.

Main Street, Southampton- Current Views

Main Street in Southampton has remained unchanged since the date the  Mystery Foto was taken. Submitted by Greg Oreiro.

From the Long Island Automotive Museum archives. Courtesy of Walt McCarthy.

The automobile has it appears today. It is a regular in the Southampton Fourth of July parade.


Nov 07 2014 Ron Ridolph 2:07 AM

The driver is:  Henry Austin Clark and wife as passenger.  Location is eastern Long island.  Date not known.  The vehicle is a make over possibly from a jeep or small car.    Thanks and Best !!!  Ron

Nov 08 2014 Greg O. 8:55 PM

-Who is the driver of the car and his passenger?

Henry Austin Clark Jr. Not sure. Maybe a family member?

-Where was the photo taken and its approximate year.

Main Street in Southampton in the 1950’s.

-What was the original manufacturer and make of the car?

1926 Ford model T

-How did the car work?

A Model T Ford that was shortened and the rear axle connected directly to the transmission. This left a vehicle that with just the right balance that would produce long wheel-stands

Nov 08 2014 S. Berliner, III 10:19 PM

Too easy, Howard - it’s Austie (Henry Austin Clark, Jr.) and the car is his crazy creation from his LI Automotive Museum.  The car worked very well!  Further deponent sayeth not.  Sam, III

Nov 08 2014 frank femenias 10:39 PM

Henry Austin Clark Jr. and wife Waleta at a Southhampton parade, driving a bizarre modified 1933 Pierce Silver Arrow? Possibly with its engine removed and a battery powered drivetrain added (looks like a 12V battery attached to the body) to reduce weight and enable easy wheelies. Mid ‘60s? based on spectator’s clothing. This stunt must’ve been an eye opener for the day.

Nov 08 2014 Walter McCarthy 10:40 PM

It’s Austin Clark with his trick car made mostly of model T Ford parts in a Southampton parade.

Nov 09 2014 Jeff Payne 1:16 PM

Mystery photo
Driver. Austin Clark LI AUTOMUSEUM


Nov 09 2014 Art Kleiner 6:20 PM

Who is the driver of the car and his passenger?
Austin Clark, Jr. - possibly one of his daughters.

Where was the photo taken and its approximate year.
Best guess - Southampton, July 4th Parade, late 1960s

Nov 09 2014 Steve Lucas 9:46 PM

Just a wild guess but the driver looks like Henry Austin Clark, Jr., maybe with his daughter as passenger in parade in Southampton, NY sometime around the mid to late 1950’s. As to the car: no idea.

Nov 10 2014 Ted 5:17 PM

By chance is that Frank Fontaine driving that wheely car? I don’t know who that girl is. The car might be a Model A or T modified to do a wheely

Nov 11 2014 Ted 1:29 AM

You sure were clowning around with this one and that’s no joke, you fooled me, I should have gotten it

Nov 11 2014 Ted 1:23 PM

To all veterans ‘HAPPY VETERANS DAY’ and thank you.

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