Nov 29 2017

Images of the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car Found Online

Dan Templeton has discovered images and an article on the 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car on the blog of Virginia Classic Mustang.

The above photo shows this historic Mustang on display at an unknown Ford Custom Car Caravan exhibit in September 1964.


Howard Kroplick

1964 Two Seat Prototype "Shorty" Mustang

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back in the early '60's, Ford Motor Company considered producing two seater Mustangs.  Obviously, a different route was finally chosen, but this "shorty" Mustang was designed by Vince Gardner and built in 1964 by Dearborn Steel Tubing.  DST still builds and maintains many Ford prototype, concept, and show vehicles.

 This "shorty" Mustang was taken on tour and Bill Snyder of Hudson, OH saw it and just had to have it.  It obviously wasn't for sale at that time.  Through a bizarre series of events though, Mr. Snyder actually ended up owning the car several years later.  It has recently been restored and made its debut at the 2013 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance in Florida.

Photos courtesy of the Ford Motor Company


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