Feb 28 2012

A Recently Rediscovered Peter Helck Painting “Bulls Head Turn”

Jim Blanchard has forward an image of this spectacular Peter Helck painting.

Jim Blanchard: "The painting depicts the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup Race at "BullsHead Turn". The painting was done by Peter Helck in 1941 and was given as a gift to Hempstone Oliver. It features Joe Tracy rounding the turn in Locomobile #7. The composition is more well known as "Setting a Furious Pace" with Old 16 which was painted much later. The painting was displayed at a special 1947 Peter Helck exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution."

Paintings and Etchings by Peter Helck-1947


Jim, thanks for sharing information on this beautiful painting!



Howard Kroplick




Mar 04 2012 jim poole 6:28 PM

Jim,  where is the original painting now?  is it available for viewing?

Mar 07 2012 jim blanchard 5:36 PM

It is in my office as I write this. I recently purchased it with a newer framing that included a maroon accent matting - after removing that matting and using just the white matting, I was able to gain a larger image to the extent that the spectator to the left of the policeman joined the action. Its a wonderful painting in that it was painted the year that Peter Helck acqured Old 16 and it predates the Esquire series of race paintings by a three years.  I am not sure where you live, but you are welcome to view it anytime.

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