Jul 07 2018

On the Road to Pebble: The First Video of the Newly Painted Tucker 1044

Rob Ida has provided the first video of the newly painted Andante Green Tucker 1044- its original color.



Howard Kroplick


Jul 08 2018 Phil Kneer 9:22 AM

Andante green is not only the original color ,but very appealing.
Best of luck in show, looks like an outstanding job!

Jul 08 2018 Chris Osborne 10:36 AM


Jul 08 2018 LMK 12:17 PM

Coming along nicely….

Jul 08 2018 Laura and Kenneth Harris 4:25 PM

Beautiful paint job!

Jul 09 2018 mike 9:20 AM

Color and finish is fantastic.  Would look great in the outside courtyard of the Eagles Nest on Sept.16

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