Aug 11 2018

On the Road to Pebble: Two Days Until a Trip to the Beach!

Roz and I checked out the progress of Tucker 1044 last night in New Jersey before attending the New York Jets pre-season opener. Very exciting!


Howard Kroplick

Rob Ida: "Thirty hours to pick up for Pebble Beach! All hands on deck for second round of Tucker Prep and detail."

Check out Rob Ida's 27-second video posted today. Note the shirts!

From Preston Tucker LLC.

Rob Ida: "A little milk crate parking lot cruise in Tucker 44. Only two days left to finish it before it heads West".

The proud owners.

The Tucker 1044 Team worked late into Friday night: Left to right: Russ Montelbano, Mike Tucker and Sean Tucker.

The restored mascot.

The newly painted Franklin engine.

Bruce Devlin and his team finishing the amazing interior.

The back seat area.

The front seat ready to be installed.

The original taillight.

The steering colum with the Tucker family logo.

The front trunk.

Sean Tucker and the unique hanging strap.

John R. Tucker's Jr.'s Facebook Page

It is an honor to have Tucker 1044 on the cover page of John Tucker Jr.'s Facebook page.

John R. Tucker Jr.: "Being involved in the restoration of Tucker #1044 has been amazing. To have the Ida family and my sons restoring a Tucker has been the thrill of a lifetime. This has been an amazing journey, from 110 North Park Street to Pebble Beach. Preston Tucker is smiling down on us."

John R. Tucker, Jr.: "When I first saw Tucker #1044 (April 29, 2016)."'

MetLife Stadium, Jets pre-Season Opener

After our Tucker 1044 visit, Roz and I met Rachel and Jay Frank and watched the Jets win their first pre-season game 17-0 over Atlanta Falcons. That is our future quarterback Sam Darnold (14) in the background.

Sam Darnold's first professional NFL touchdown pass.


Aug 11 2018 frank femenias 8:40 PM

I wouldn’t rush this. Too many things can come up. Though she looks great!

Aug 12 2018 Phil Kneer 6:59 AM

Best of luck at Pebble Beach.

Aug 12 2018 Bruce Adams 7:03 AM

Best Wishes at Pebble Beach. 
Our Hearts and Thoughts follow you and the Tucker as you go to the World’s Paramount Car Show to share the Tucker with Auto Enthusiasts from around the world, and hopefully receive the well-deserved commendations for this work of art.

Aug 12 2018 James and Gram 7:45 AM

We are so proud of you and wish you and your family an amazing experience.  Tucker is with you!

Aug 12 2018 Ted 9:21 AM

Hi Howard
  Another exciting time for you,between the game and Pebble Beach.Hoping for the best for you,good luck.

Aug 12 2018 mike 9:28 AM

The car and Darnold both look great.  Way to start the trip to Pebble Beach

Aug 12 2018 Howard Kroplick 10:24 AM

Greg H.
I was concerned the Tucker would not get done, but it looks like they came through. That was a lot of work in a short period of time.

The car looks really good.

I hope you enjoy Pebble Beach

Aug 12 2018 Howard Kroplick 12:45 PM

Robert R.
Car looks spectacular, Howard!


Aug 12 2018 JeRita 1:21 PM

Bouna Fortuna at Pebble Beach The green is outstanding Thanks for taking along on the journey

Aug 12 2018 LMK 1:58 PM

The car is impressive !

Enjoy yourselves . ....

Aug 12 2018 Richard Rosenblum 2:58 PM

All very exciting!  The car looks superb, and will no doubt grab the attention of everyone in attendance at Pebble.

Aug 12 2018 Joseph DeBono 9:30 PM

Howard the car looks beautiful

Aug 13 2018 Mike Cain 9:15 AM

They did a great job Howard! Enjoy the Pebble Beach experience. Someday I’ll get out there myself. I’m sure you’ll post some nice photos and videos. I love the green color on this car!

Aug 15 2018 mark schaier 10:27 AM

Howard, hope every thing goes well on your way out there? just remember your nitpicker groupie me was the first to point out the cyclop headlight was not working, at the Merchant Marine Academy in King Point some time ago. Now that is fixed, hope get extra points for a working cyclop headlight when judging time comes.
Howard, general admission is $375 at the Pebble Beach Concours, any discounts for us LIMP Preservation Society members??

Nov 12 2018 R Troy 1:52 AM

Very, very nice!

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